The ultimate guide to selecting your dinnerware

The essential component of setting the table right in selecting the right set of dinnerware to go with the occasion, the theme of your house, and various other factors. The key to choosing a dinnerware set that feels like a home in your home is to understand the difference between various types of dinnerware. We put forth an ultimate guide that will help you understand different types of china and help you choose the right set to go along with it. 

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Distinctive dinnerware made of various materials

Selecting dinnerware includes selecting materials of which dinnerware is made. Common materials used in dinnerware are listed below, along with a brief description of their authenticity. 

  • Bone china is a lightweight, elegant, durable dinnerware that resists chipping. The most substantial variety of china is dishwasher and microwave safe, unlike fine china.
  • Porcelain: Due to the high firing temperatures, porcelain is blessed with excellent durability and a non-porous surface. This versatile dinnerware is microwave, dishwasher, and even oven safe. 
  • Earthenware: with durability, value, and casual appeal, pottery is probably one of the oldest industrial materials that add substantial weight to your dinnerware. It is recommended to avoid high temperatures and frequent temperature changes for your earthenware to look its best. 
  • Stoneware is a durable dinnerware with a waterproof finish and a smooth appearance, making it ideal for daily use; it also comes in hand-painted designs that may require manual washing.
  • Melamine dinnerware is shatterproof, breaks resistant, and dishwasher-safe, but it is not suitable for oven or microwave use.

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Styles and Designs - 

Dinnerware sets are available in various designs to suit every occasion and requirement, from formal to casual and everything in between. Hence, the styles can be further divided into four categories:

  • Solid and banded: a versatile choice that brings elegance to your table and makes your food look better. 
  • Patterned and hand-painted, these are a great way to express your personality and add a little bit of style to your table. 

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Selecting The Right Set Of Dinnerware 

Now that you are aware of the various varieties and styles of dinnerware, here is a list of a few factors to consider when purchasing a set of china:

  • Space consideration: before buying a set of dinnerware, make sure it accents the table, room, and environment. There is a variety of china available in various materials and styles, which we have discussed above. It is recommended to consider your living space and buy a set that would beautifully accent the surroundings and add flavour to your dining table. 
  • Storage considerations: before buying a stack of dinnerware, make enough space in your cabinets for proper and secure storage of the dinner sets. 
  • Occasion:-multiple place settings are included in a dinner set. Ensure that you buy a set with enough pieces for the required number of people to dine over at your house. A 20-piece collection serves four people, whereas a formal dinnerware set is ideal for individuals and couples. Depending upon the size of the family and occasion, you can choose your dinner sets, which are available even up to the limit of 20 place settings. 
  • Aftercare: It is essential to ensure that your dinnerware is microwave, oven, or dishwasher safe. For people living with a busy schedule, it is impossible to take care of dinnerware and manually warm food and wash dishes. Considering a set that is easy to take an acre of really lightens the load, and hence, after considering all conditions, one should decide on their choice of dinnerware.

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