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Article: Why is stainless steel the best metal for everyday kitchen equipment?

Why is stainless steel the best metal for everyday kitchen equipment?
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Why is stainless steel the best metal for everyday kitchen equipment?

Steel is widely used in Indian households for cooking and eating purposes due to its low cost, endurance, and rust-resistant foundation. Although stainless steel is commonly used in homes, do we know if the stainless steel we use is safe for our bodies? Since poor-grade stainless steel does not ensure a healthy meal, you must choose the right quality of stainless steel; we present to you the extravagant range of stainless steel cookware and luxurious dinnerware range by Shri and Sam. Below listed are a few benefits of using stainless steel as everyday kitchen equipment:- 


As stainless steel is non-leachable metal, it is best suited to be used for cooking safely without affecting the flavor or taste of food.


In contrast to other metals, stainless steel resists corrosion, even under conditions when it is exposed to acidic foods. This implies that there is no risk of chemicals from the cookware leaching into the meal, for instance, when one cooks very acidic meals like tomato sauces and various curry dishes.

Eco friendly 

Stainless steel is an alloy of a few different metals, including nickel, chromium, and iron. These metals are non-renewable resources derived from rocks. The composition of such metals make stainless steel one of the best material for cookware and also safe for the environment. Since stainless steel can be recycled completely, it can be included in the list of green materials. 


If your stainless steel is of the best grade, such as those offered by Shri and Sam, the steel can even be used in the oven with appropriate temperature settings. Stainless steel is also dishwasher safe due to its non-corrosive property. Since it is not as heavy as other materials like cast iron, it is also straightforward and lightweight to handle and take care of.

Sturdy and Durable

The "non-stick" cookware's choppable coating or discoloration is a real issue, and stainless comes to the rescue at this point. It has a longer lifespan lasting for decades since stainless steel material is rust- and chip-resistant.

Cleaning Is Simple & Quick

The smooth, non-porous surface of stainless steel cookware makes it a lot easier to clean and maintain the cookware. Despite the robustness of stainless steel, there can be times when rough sponges can cause scratches. Pots and pans should ideally be soaked in warm detergent water before being loaded onto a dishwasher. If you wash your dishes by hand, then in that case also, the words shall be soaked in warm detergent water before being scrubbed with sponges. 

Long-term Advantage

When you consider stainless steel's lifespan and all of the other benefits discussed above, you notice the price is low for all the advantages that stainless steel has to offer. Its rising prominence in our culture has boosted supplier rivalry, resulting in pricing that is as low as ever. This, along with the fact that stainless steel requires a meagre maintenance cost, implies that picking it as your material will yield excellent results since it is easier to clean and store and is exceptionally lightweight. Given that it is also 100% recyclable, it is challenging to overlook stainless steel as a solution.

If you are convinced that stainless steel is the perfect material for your kitchen equipment, we suggest you visit Shri and Sam, a trusted brand that has been delivering quality products for years now!

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