Restaurant Table Setting With Best Serving Sets

A few things amaze me as much as a formal dining table to entertain guests. Setting a standard table explains how much you know and appreciate the guests coming over. 

Preparing a table for a formal dinner may appear complicated, but it isn't that difficult, provided you have the appropriate guidelines. But figure out which utensils belong where, when specific plates should be cleared (or added) to the table, and how many glasses should be at each place. This is usually what makes people set the table inappropriately. Even if you don't have a formal dinner party or special event coming up, understanding how to lay a standard table is a skill that every hostess should have—and it also prepares you for future events. Here's how you can set a decent table in a sophisticated manner. 

Before the First Course

If you understand table arrangement is based on logic, things can become less daunting. For instance, you may start eating a meal by utilizing the flatware on the outside left and right, then gradually make your way in at the plate as the meal progresses. Knives and spoons are to be put to the right of the dish, whereas forks are positioned to the left. 

Stemware is placed above and to the right of the dinner plate. At the same time, bread-and-butter plates are placed above and to the left of the forks.

Setting the Table for Soup

Soup is served in a hot soup dish on a dinner plate and eaten using the soup spoon on the far right. The vessel, bowl, and silverware will be removed once each visitor has finished and set their spoon bowl upwards across the top right-hand corner of the plate. The butter knife and bread-and-butter dish are still there.

The spoon has a resting spot in the bowl when the soup is served with a plate. The finishing position is between 11 and 2 from across the top of the container. The resting and completed works are the same in the bowl with no plate. It is forbidden to touch the tablecloth once a utensil has touched food again. Also, if the salad comes after the main dish, the salad fork should be positioned to the right of the dinner plate. If the salad is served first, the forks should be salad fork, fish fork, and dinner fork (from left to right).

Setting the Table for the Main Course

Salad is served on a medium dish and eaten using the fork left behind, which has a broader end than other forks and may be used for chopping. The bread-and-butter plate, butter knife, wine glasses, and the salad dish and fork will be cleaned after this course, leaving the table ready for dessert.

Setting the Table for Dessert

A tiny dessert tray is brought to the table. Use the cake fork and dessert spoon that were spread across the top of the table before the meal started (notice that the tines of the knife are facing right and the spoon's bowl is facing left). The only remaining stemware on the table is a water glass. When something sweet is provided at the end of the dinner, guests will gently forgive even the worst of dining disasters.

With the help of these basics, you can easily set up a table with the best serving sets that you can find at Sri and Sam, the well-known crockery brand. With that being said, when laying the table, keep this restaurant table setting in mind and see how guests are amazed.

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