Losing weight with fasting

Obesity is increasing in people in urban areas because people hardly involve themselves in physical activities. Instead, they lead a sedentary life and spend 16 to 18 hours doing a desk job. Naturally, this routine leads to weight gain. However, not everyone likes to exercise because people who have grown overweight face a lot o physical discomforts when they try to do workouts. Breathing difficulty, joint pain, lack of motivation are fundamental problems restricting them from exercising. An alternative one can opt to lose weight is fasting. Today more and more people are fasting to lose weight, and four primary advantages of doing so include the following;

  • It helps people control their urge to eat unhealthy food.
  • It forces people to drink a lot of fluid, removing toxins from their bodies and keeping their minds and bodies healthy.
  • It improves concentration.
  •  Most significantly it helps people lose weight drastically.

Six fasting methods that help us lose weight 

Fasting generally means skipping meals. Here are six quick and easy fasting methods to choose from to help you lose weight in record time.

  • 16/8 water diet routine: According to this method, a person fasts for 16 hours a day, remains on a liquid diet, and limits their eating time to eight hours. For example, if we have our dinner at 8.00 pm, we skip our breakfast and don't have anything till noon, which means we remain on fluids from 8.00 pm to 12.00 noon the next day, which amounts to 16 hours. And Then, we have two small meals that comprise healthy, low-calorie food during the next 8 hours. One meal at noon and the other at 8.00 pm or else we can break it into three meals: an early lunch, a snack time, and a dinner time.
  • Fast for two days a week: It is another popular way of fasting where the per day calorie intake is restricted by eating five days a week and fasting for two days a week. These two days can be any day in between a week. For example, we can choose to fast on Tuesdays and Saturdays and eat the rest of the days. In India, this fasting method is commonly used by people who have a religious bent of mind.
  • Twenty-four hours fast: Here, people tend to stop eating 24 hours a day at least once a week. So, for example, they have their last meal on Monday and skip all the meals until dinner time on Tuesday. Most people drink a lot of water and stay on fluids during this time.
  • Skipping meals every other day: This kind of fasting is also known as fasting every alternate day. Here people tend to skip meals every second day, which means they don't eat for approximately three days a week. Very few people fast in this way because it's tough. However, people who follow this kind of fasting lose weight very quickly.
  • One meal in a day: This particular diet is termed the warrior diet by nutritionists. It includes small portions of veggies and fruits for the entire day. These fruits and veggies are mostly eaten raw by people who follow this diet, followed by the main meal at night.
  • Skip meals spontaneously: This kind of fasting is best for people who do not like to stick to a routine, and they tend to skip meals between their way once a day and sometimes even twice a day. This kind of fasting can also help people lose weight if practiced for a long time.
  • Final Takeaway

    Thus it won't be wrong to say that fasting in any way can help us lose weight. Whether we follow a strict regimen during fasting or have been fasting spontaneously for quite a while, it is the most effective way of shedding the extra grams we have earned, provided we maintain a healthy diet while fasting.

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