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Article: How the Simplest Tools in our kitchen the Most Important: Cutlery

How the Simplest Tools in our kitchen the Most Important: Cutlery

How the Simplest Tools in our kitchen the Most Important: Cutlery

When watching cookery shows or when taking cooking classes, one thing completely fascinates us: the way they chop the vegetables or fruits or any such thing. Of course, we know that such a type of perfection comes with practice only. But it's not only the practice which makes one chop these vegetables or food items in such a perfect way. The knives that you choose also play an essential role in dicing or chopping the food items.

It is constantly being said that without the perfect set of cutleries, your kitchen looks incomplete. However, these cutleries are one of the most straightforward tools that we need in our kitchen. But with the right cutleries, one can create perfect magic in the kitchen. To help you know why these cutleries are essential, we will share a few details about them below.

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Know the importance of cutleries

No matter how modern a kitchen you have or how much cookware you have in your kitchen, cutlery is something that one must-have. Even for the essential dishes also, one needs cutlery. Without a proper knife, you cannot chop your vegetables or dice your fruits. Even for chopping the coriander leaves and celery, you will require a good knife. You cannot make use of choppers and grinders every time to do the job for you. They are helpful but not much useful in completing the daily chores of the kitchen.

Even if you do not own a set of knives, holding an essential knife is essential. Not every one of us keeps all types of knives in our kitchen. But if you think that you will handle the kitchen work without any blade, then you are wrong. You might not have the skills like a chef to chop vegetables finely. But once you own the right set of knives, you will be able to do it properly.

Types of Knives

We know that there are a variety of knives available in the market. We are not asking you to buy all of them because you can do well with one essential knife. However, if you love cooking and want to own the blades, you should know what types of knives there are.

  • The most common knife which you all would have heard about is the chef knife. Most people who love cooking own this knife, as it helps in doing most kitchen tasks that require a fork.
  • Other than the chef knife, we have vegetable knives, including a peeling knife, Nakiri Knife, and a few others. These knives are mainly used for vegetables and fruits.
  • If you want to cook fish or meat, you should own a Salmon knife or a filleting knife required for fish.
  • And for meat, you should use a Butcher knife or carving knife.

So, now you know how this simple cutlery has many uses in the kitchen, and without it, it is not possible to start cooking. So, whether you plan to cook vegetables or meat, you will require a knife for all purposes.

Right cutlery skills

We all know the primary way of chopping fruits or vegetables. But is that the right way or not? You would have seen how beautifully and finely a chef chops vegetables using his knife. So, if you also want to learn that cutlery skill, you need two things. Firstly, you need the right set of knives because you will not know how to chop or cut food items in the right way without them. Secondly, you need to take classes to learn cutlery skills.

There are many chefs and cooking stores where they help people learn cutlery skills too. So, you can join them and understand the use of different types of knives and how to use them properly. Once you have gained appropriate knowledge, you will impress others with your cutlery skills after taking these classes.

Taking care of your cutlery

Owning a complete set of knives is not enough if you don't know how to take proper care of them. When we say adequate care, we mean everything, like cleaning the knives, storing them, and even using them.

  • Use of knife: When we say using them, we meant that make sure that you use the right pair of blades for the correct food item—like, using a vegetable knife for chopping meat is not the right thing to do. Also, we meant that you should get your knife to sharpen from time to time so that you can use it for as long as you want. Otherwise, the blade's sharpness will go away, and you will have to invest in another knife soon.
  • Cleaning the knife: When cleaning the knife, we suggest that you do not clean it using a steel scrubber, as that may harm the cutter's blades. So, try to clean the edge immediately so that no such problem occurs. Also, ensure that you do not put the knife in the sink for too long, especially in the water, as that will cause rusting. Also, after cleaning the blade, let it air dry or wipe the water carefully from the knife using the dry cloth and then only keep it in storage.
  • Storage of knife: Store it at a safe place, away from kids, so that it doesn't harm them. Try to keep them in separate storage and not with the ones that already contain other utensils. Else, if you will take them out in a hurry or if you will look for different knives, it may end up causing injury to you.


Now, you all know how this small and straightforward cutlery has great importance in every kitchen. Without the knife, you won't be able to do most of the cooking work as almost everything you cook requires cutting or chopping. But do not only own the knife but also learn the skills to use it in the right way. That will not only help you chop like a master chef, but it will also save you from the injuries that many people get from improper use of knives.

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