How do you cook quickly?

It often happens that we do not have much time for cooking and as a result, you end up ordering from outside. It usually happens because either we have a full-time job which doesn't allow us to give more time in the kitchen. Or we might be studying and working together. We might be having kids to manage at home, or some of you might be new to cooking. Due to all of these things you do not get enough time for cooking. But what if we tell you that despite all these problems you can still cook quickly. Well, you need not have to be a master chef to cook fast. By taking care of a few things, you will be able to start cooking quickly. We are sharing some of the tips below so that next time you do not have enough time to cook, you can keep these tips in mind and cook quickly.

Make use of raw vegetables

You need not cook every time, especially when your refrigerator is loaded with healthy raw vegetables. We are talking about those veggies, which can be eaten raw, like most winter veggies. You can do a lot with raw veggies, like you can try making different types of healthy salads. Along with raw veggies like beetroot, celery, squash, you can add some salad dressings to it. It will help in making a quick and healthy meal that will make your stomach feel full. You can also boil some of the raw veggies, which will hardly take a few minutes. Make a healthy meal out of it by garnishing it with chili flakes, oregano, mayonnaise, cheese, etc.

Preheat the pan or cookware you are using

While you are busy preparing for the meal or busy chopping the veggies, heat the cookware. Many of us do not preheat the pan or oven when we start cooking. It leads to more time when you put the veggies, cereals, or other things for cooking. Such food items will only start cooking when they will get good heat, but if you have placed your pan for heating or preheated the oven before only during preparation, you will be able to save that time.

Use the right size cookware for cooking

If you only have to cook the meal for yourself, there is no sense in using a big pan or bigger cookware. If you do not have one, get one for yourself for the days you only cook meals. If you use the big pan for cooking small portions, it might take a lot of time to heat the pan. Cooking will take more time, and dish cleaning will also take more time. However, if you use a small pan, it will take less time to cook and wash.

Make use of a lid while cooking

Whether you are cooking in a pan or a pot, always make use of a top to cover it up. When you cover it up, the heat and the steam will not go out, and it will help in cooking the food faster. Also, when the pot or pan is covered with the lid, the external room temperature will not affect it. So, even if it is cold outside, your food will still not take more time to cook. You can invest in those pots and pans which come with a lid.

To summarize

With all these tips mentioned above, you will be able to cook food quickly without any hassle. You can even choose to chop the veggies in advance and keep them in an airtight packet to keep them fresh. It will also save your time when cooking.

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