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Article: Everyday Essential Cooking Tools For Your Kitchen

Everyday Essential Cooking Tools For Your Kitchen
Kitchen Guide

Everyday Essential Cooking Tools For Your Kitchen

Due to any reason, you want to upgrade your cooking tools and kitchen gear. Maybe because the old ones have rust, are blunt, or eat healthily. It doesn't matter what the reason is if you have decided to upgrade your kitchen; here we are with a comprehensive guide that explains the simple essential cooking tools for your kitchen that will make your work simple and make your dish tasty.

1. Paring Knife

We all know that a chef's knife is needed to chop, slice, mince, etc. But what about dicing smaller fruits and vegetables? This is when paring knives are required. A paring knife is needed to put a delicate cut or mince garlic cloves. 

2. Cutting Board 

After a knife, another faithful culinary friend is a cutting board. You can use it to dice chop anything, which is part of every meal. While the plastic panels are inexpensive, one should always use wooden boards as they are sturdy and help keep the knives sharp. 

3. Can Opener

Not a piece of cookware but is an essential part of the kitchen. Believe it or not, the can opener comes in handy on occasions you might not have thought of when you have to open a sauce, bottle a can of dried berries, and more. You will never regret having one in your kitchen. 

4. Nonstick frying pan 

Since eggs and pancakes are best made on a nonstick pan, every household needs one of these pans. The pan is super versatile and can sear meat, saute vegetables, make sauces, etc. When using nonstick pans, be careful not to use non-abrasive tools on the surface. 

5. Measuring cups and spoons 

When you need a precise amount of ingredients, measuring cups and spoons comes in handy. With the help of these mini spoons and cups, you can get the exact amount of spices from the jar. Moreover, they make measuring liquids easy, and you use the measuring cups, you can pour the sauce right onto the thing you are cooking.

6. Peeler 

No like eating vegetables with peels; therefore, never miss out on adding a sharp peeler when setting up the kitchen. It helps remove peels from vegetables and makes the salad look appealing to eat. 

7. Tongs

Extended hands, aka tongs, are helpful in the kitchen. You can flip big pieces of food with them and move ingredients around the frying pan or on a sheet without getting burned. 

8. Dutch Oven

 Made of heavy cast iron, these pots are great for cooking. They heat up smoothly, are easy to clean, and are less prone to sticking. Also, they are durable and can be used on a stove to boil, simmer, sear, or you can use them for baking or braising. Moreover, they can be used as a serving dish too. 

9. Air Fryer 

Another kitchen appliance that is gaining popularity is the air fryer. These devices use heated air for cooking things and giving crisper finished products than cooking over any other method. 

10. Sponge 

Now when the cooking is done, who will do the cleaning? The scrubby sponge will help with the task and help clean the kitchen top and utensil. Alongside knives, whisk, blender, and other things, the sponge is an essential part of your primary tools that one must-have in the kitchen.

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These simple essential cooking tools make cooking easy and fun for you. If you have any other tools in mind that you think are crucial, please share them with us. Most of these tools, pans, and other essential cookware, serveware can be found at Shri and Sam.

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