Essential Indian Spices to make your dish yummy

When it comes to Indian dishes, we all love the fact that how flavourful they are. No matter which region or state the dish belongs to, you will always find a unique taste. The credit to the taste of all these Indian Dishes goes to the Indian spices, which are popularly being used in most Indian dishes. Whether you are traveling to North or South or even the northeastern states of India, you will find people using various spices in their food to make it taste good. From the flavor of these spices to the aroma, the Indian dishes are incomplete without them. That is why here we are going to share about five essential Indian spices which are available in almost every kitchen. 


Cloves is one of the strong spices available in the form of a dried flower. This spice is being prepared by extracting all the oil from the flower. Then, it is being dried and is being used as one of the essential ingredients. Most of the blended spices that you get from the market for preparing different dishes contain cloves also. Other than the blended spices, one can use it whole also in various recipes. Cloves have a pretty strong flavor and aroma, which one can quickly feel in the dishes. Other than cooking, people use this spice for medicinal benefits also, as it comes with different medicinal properties.


Be it sweets or spicy dishes, cardamom is one common spice to be used. You will find two kinds of cardamom available, and they both are being used as spice. One is the green cardamom which comes with a sweet flavor. When used, the aroma of this Indian spice will make you love that dish even more. It is one reason it is being used in Indian sweets, as it enhances the flavor of those dishes. The outer covering of this cardamom is green, and inside it, there are black seeds. The black seeds are being popped out and crushed to add to different dishes to use this spice. The second one is the black cardamom, which is more prominent in comparison to the green cardamom. Also, the taste and flavor of the black cardamom are said to be quite strong. It has a smoky flavor, and when added as a whole, it makes the dish quite spicy. Both green and black cardamoms are being used in the blended spices, also like the cloves.


You will find this Indian spice in almost every kitchen. Usually, it is being seen in powdered form only. However, it is being made from turmeric root. First, the root is being dried, and then it is being turned into powdered form. It is a yellow color spice, and when added to any dish, it turns the dish yellow color only. It has a bitter flavor; however, you will not feel that in the dish. Turmeric also comes with many medicinal properties, and it is being advised to add turmeric to a few dishes to stay healthy, as it has anti-inflammatory properties.


Cumin is one of the most commonly used Indian spices and is used in various curries and other dishes. It is small in size and is brown, but people often get confused between fennel seeds and cumin seeds due to their shape. However, the fennel seeds are not brown, so you can easily differentiate using them. Cumin seeds are also being blended with other spices. But more often, it is being used by roasting it in oil or dry roasting it. The intense aroma of this spice and the smoky flavor of it makes the dish taste amazing.

Black Pepper

This spice has no relation with the peppers or chilies. However, it has a strong taste and flavor. If you are planning to add black pepper to any dish, be careful as it can turn your dish very spicy. It is being added to a few beverages also, due to its medicinal benefits and taste. Black Pepper is small and round. It is primarily being found in the Western Ghats of India. Like cloves and cardamoms, it is also being blended with other spices, which are then used in different dishes. There are many dishes which it can use directly also.

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The above mentioned were some of the most common Indian spices commonly used to prepare delicious cuisines of the country.

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