Learn Palak Paneer recipe - Restaurant Style

Palak Paneer is a famous North Indian cuisine dish prepared across India following different recipes depending on the region or state in which it is being made. It is created using cashew nuts and is believed to have originated in Maharashtra in India. Some of the essential ingredients that enhance Palak Paneer's taste include yogurt, gram flour, cardamom, cumin seeds, almonds, honey, coriander powder, and turmeric. This delicious recipe is prepared using different types of spices and thus, differs from one place to another.


Before cooking, one must collect the ingredients for palak paneer: 

  • curd,
  • onions, 
  • Palak Paneer
  • tomatoes, 
  • green chilies, 
  • gram, 
  • a pinch of turmeric powder, 
  • coriander powder, 
  • red chili powder, 
  • black pepper. 


Preparing The Spinach

  • The traditional palak paneer-making recipe involves the preparation of spinach with four cups of water. You can prepare this by grating the chopped spinach and adding the finely grated pieces of the almond, sesame, and poppy seeds. 
  • Lastly, add one tablespoon of chopped ginger and mix well
  • Finally, add the grated cheese and mix thoroughly.

Making The Creamy Gravy

The first step to prepare the creamy gravy of this popular dish is, fried cashews are first grounded and kept aside. Then, mix one tablespoon of dry cream cheese in one cup of whole milk. Next, add one tablespoon of lemon juice to the milk while blending the cream cheese with the lemon juice. Finally, add a pinch of salt and mix thoroughly.

Bringing A Sweet Flavour

Making a sweet flavor is possible by using cinnamon and cardamom. First of all, finely chop the cinnamon and cardamom and then add these ingredients to a bowl of water. Stir them well until they blend. Next, add paneer and mix them well with the ingredients. 

Once the above steps are followed, your delicious Palak Paneer is ready to be served. Well, we are sure you must be excited to feed your loved ones with this fantastic dish. But, before you do so, let's get to know some of the benefits of palak paneer.

Benefits Of Palak Paneer 

  • The main benefit is that it is shallow in fat and calories, which is the main benefit of this diet. 
  • It is also considered a complete nutritional dish containing vital cottage cheese, giving the body much-needed proteins, iron, and vitamins.
  • Apart from that, other health benefits of this superfood include improved digestion, lower cholesterol levels, reduced risks of colon cancer and heart diseases.


Once done, the preparation should be allowed to cool and then served. Usually, the dish is prepared for breakfast and served in small portions to keep the calories down or as a main course, which is highly appreciated for its taste and nutritional value. Other than that, this is also a delicious starter dish for any dinner party or lunch. The combination of taste and nutrition of the two main ingredients makes the palak paneer recipe an extremely healthy dish to prepare and eat.



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