Cooking Utensils and Nutrition

We all prefer to have healthy food, which is why many of us even avoid food from outside. One of the reasons is that many of those food items are not good for our health. And also, they do not have proper nutrition present in them. But are you sure that the food you are cooking at your home gives you all your nutrition? We all think likewise that home-cooked food will fulfill all the nutrition that our body needs. Because we are cooking green veggies or we are using nutritious food items. Or because we are cooking in healthy oil. However, that is not the fact. Even the choice of utensils has an impact on the quality of food. One needs to understand that the cooking pots or the cooking pan that we use for cooking can add or lower the value of nutrition in our food. Below, we will share details about different cooking utensils and how they affect the nutrition of the food.

Cooking Utensils made using Iron

Iron is said to be one of the good metals for cookware. It helps in distributing heat evenly and retains heat for a long time. Also, when you make use of Iron cookware, it helps in adding Iron to the food. Food rich in Iron is good for health. However, one should note that excessive Iron can also harm our body which is why it is not advisable to leave food for long in an iron utensil. 

 Cooking Utensils made using aluminum

In most houses, you will find aluminum cookware, as it is a good conductor of heat. Also, it is being said that cooking food in aluminum utensils helps keep one away from Alzheimer's disease. But a few problems also come up with aluminum utensils, like they flake off quite easily. When cooking some vegetables like cabbage, brussels sprouts, and broccoli, it smells like a chemical. But other than these veggies, you can cook other food items in aluminum utensils.

Cooking Utensils made using Copper

When talking about copper utensils, it is never suggested to cook in a pure copper utensil as it is poisonous and unhealthy. That is why most copper utensils that you will find in the market are coated with stainless steel or tin lining. Also, it is being advised that do not use steel or tin-coated copper utensils, if they get chipped or broken from somewhere.

Non-stick cooking utensils

One must always own a non-stick pan or pot because it is quite easy to cook in a non-stick pan, as it does not require a lot of oil. Also, the food doesn't get stick to the pan's surface and is quite easy to clean. Now, as it allows one to cook food using less oil, they are good for our health. But you should also know that they are only good till the time their surface is not scratched. Once this coating gets removed or scratched, it is unsafe to cook food in a non-stick pan.

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By now, you would have understood how cooking utensils are also related to the nutrition of your food. Hence, it is important to make a well-learned decision and purchase utensils after considering every aspect. The most important is its quality of maintaining nutrition in the food.

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