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Article: Cheese Garlic Toast On Tawa Recipe

Cheese Garlic Toast On Tawa Recipe

Cheese Garlic Toast On Tawa Recipe

Cheese Garlic Toast On Tawa

A quick snack that can cook in less than 20 minutes. This can be made with any type of bread. This is a very simple garlic toast recipe, you van also add your own kind of taste to it by adding either chili flakes or crushed pepper or even herbs.


  • 6 pieces of any bread
  • soft butter
  • finely chopped garlic
  • grated cheese
  • salt

How To Make:-

  • First of all, take approximately two to three table spoons of soft butter in a bowl and 2 table spoons off chopped garlic in it. If by any chance you are using unsalted butter then you can also add a pinch of salt in it, but do not put extra salt as cheese also has salt in it. Start heating up the tawa on medium heat. You can check out a wide variety of tawas on

  • Mix it up well so that we get smooth garlic butter.

  • Put the smooth garlic butter on pieces of bread and press the garlic pieces in the bread so that they do not fall off. Since, we are doing it on a tawa, butter both sides. Now put the buttered bread on the tawa on medium heat.

  • While the bread is getting toasted , start grating approximately 1 cup of cheese.

  • When the bread is toasted to brown or golden in color , then put the stove off and take the bread and spread the battered cheese on it from your hand.

  • Once you are done sprinkling the cheese, put it back on the tawa with low flame and cover the tawa with a lid, you can check an exclusive range of tawas on, let the cheese melt.

  • Your garlic cheese toast is ready, you can sprinkle some oregano on it and have it with sauce.

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