Beat Urinary Tract Infection With Pee Cone

Our vision as Shri and Sam also includes health, so we keep taking initiatives like these to make our end customers aware about several health issues. One such really important health issue in India is unhealthy toilets. This is such a big issue that India as a country is getting a lot of cases of Urinary Tract Infection in women. This is not just the problem of rural India but also almost everywhere. Even in metropolitan cities, public toilets do not have a hygiene level maintained. The condition of two or three tier cities is unimaginable and in rural places, we are still fighting to make defecation free villages. People in India require the right knowledge and we would like to be a part of this movement.

We would like to take the initiative to make all women aware about this product. This is basically a disposable standing urinal device for women called Pee cone. This is a perfect product to fight against infections in any public toilets.


How often this must have happened that you wanted to use the washroom and you could not because you were somewhere outside and you could not trust a public toilet. This is the same for almost everyone, all women must have faced this situation at least once living in India. This is a fact in India that out of every 10 women, 7 of them are suffering from Urinary Tract Infection due to unhygienic toilets. This is especially not good for pregnant women as they can get infections easily from any type of unhygienic toilet.

A recent study from NCBI (National Centre for Biotechnology Information) shows that

  • UTI generally occurs more in women than men, the ratio is 8:1
  • 70% women in India face UTI
  • At least 50-60% of women have had that at least once in their life.

As simple as it sounds Pee cone is a cone shape disposable urination device for women, this is a device that helps women to stand and pee in public toilets. Being a women you must have seen so many filthy public toilets that are unusable because of the cleanliness, Pee cone is the perfect fighting weapon for the same, this standing urinating device is the solution for all problems, now do not sit on those unhealthy toilet seats, just stand and pee. This is perfect for all types of places and situations, may it be school, college, office, restaurants, malls or anywhere else. This is a really common problem yet ignorant and Shri and Sam would like you to know that Pee cone is a device that can beat all such problems.

Pee cone is very easy to use and it comes with a very handy disposable pack which can fit easily in a jeans pocket or any hand bag. Perfect to carry and easy to use, a real solution to a real problem.

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