5 Essential Bar Tools Every Bar Must Have

The first cocktail was enjoyed by the sailors of the British navy in the 1500s. Since then, the mixology of various drinks has taken the shape of a skillful art that requires the utmost precision. As the world has evolved, there has been a drastic change in the level of precision and skills involved, which now demands the utilization of various bar tools to make the job easier and better. If not for these tools, the bartenders would have been pouring drinks into two red plastic cups till they started to look blended enough.

So, we have established that a bartender's tools work the same way a paintbrush works for an artist. For better performance, we suggest getting the right tools made of stainless steel to match the quality of these tools with the energy of our skilled bartender. Without the right tools on your bar, the character of your drinks may suffer, so bar tools are a must for any bar to maintain its rating and performance. Well, we will let you in on a secret: the top five essential bar tools that you cannot do without are:

Cocktail Shakers or Shaker Tins 

To provide customers with an ideal shaken beverage, a bar must be equipped with one or many cocktail shakers, also referred to as shaker tins. Having a quality cocktail shaker is the first step towards shaping yourself into a good bartender, as it is one of the most commonly used bar tools. They are available in many varieties, such as the three-piece cobbler with a built-in strainer, the Boston shaker, and many more. We recommend you go with shakers that have weighted bottoms that will provide a solid base for the ice to slam into and add strength to the build of the glasses. 

Measuring Tool: A Jigger 

A measuring tool is essential to precisely measure the amounts of ingredients before pouring them into drinks. A jigger is a tool of utmost significance, as the essential part of creating a good beverage is pouring in the right amounts of ingredients for the perfect ratio of sweetness, sourness, and strength. A jigger is available in various forms, such as the stainless steel version, a graduated jigger, a double-ended jigger, etc. 

Drink Strainer 

A mandatory addition to a cocktail shaker is a strainer that will attach to your shakers and catch anything that is not liquid or is not part of the beverage. Each strainer serves a different purpose for different types of drinks and is available in various sizes. A Hawthorne strainer, for instance, is a kind of strainer that is best suited for shaken cocktails, whereas a julep strainer is for stirred cocktails. 

Bar Spoons

Bar spoons play an essential role in drinks that require stirring instead of shaking. If you are wondering why you cannot use a regular spoon, regular spoons are too bulky and can harm the lightweight glass. A bar spoon is designed to stir a cocktail with complete ease and has a longer stem for better ergonomics. A bar spoon can also double up as a unit for measurement. Usually, a bar spoon holds a teaspoon of any liquid. 

Citrus Juicer 

Often referred to as an "elbow juicer," a citrus juicer can fit half a quantity of lemon and strain away all the pulp and seeds for a fresh citrus juice. This handheld tool is convenient in any drink that requires a citric flavor. Although there are pre-bottled juices available on the market, adding the touch of fresh flavor is what separates you from other average bartenders and puts you on top. We recommend going for a high-quality enameled one or a stainless steel one, as these receive a tremendous amount of torque daily.

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