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      ▩ This Shri and Sam Signum Pressure Cooker is a 304 grade stainless steel made body that is silver in color and has Matt finish to it. This pressure cooker is designed in a manner so that it feels always light to pick it up and moreover the Matt finish holds the body together that makes it very durable product.

      ▩  These kind of quality in a product can make it an ideal choice for everyday use. This pressure cooker is good for cooking in all surfaces like ceramic, induction, electric and gas. It has a heavy sandwich bottom that makes it cook quicker as it spreads the heat evenly, this quality may end you up saving almost 70% of your cooking time and energy.

      ▩  The 2 litre pressure cooker is good enough to cook for 2-3 people, the 3 litre size is apt for 3-5 people and the 5 litre one is good for 5-7 people. Hence , this product is really common amongst small families and people living alone.

      ▩  This Shri and Sam pressure cooker is 100% food grade and food safe , which makes it a way more healthier choice than the usual aluminum peressure cookers.

      ▩  This Shri and Sam Signum Pressure Cooker has a warranty of 2 years.

      Material - Stainless steel
      Color - Stainless steel/silver
      Capacity - 2L OR 3L OR 5L
      Diameter - 2L : 16 CM , 3L : 17 CM , 5L : 21 CM
      Height - 10 CM OR 14.5 CM OR 16 CM
      Weight - 2L : 1.500 KGS , 3L : 1.650 KGS , 5L : 2.250 KGS
      Production - Made in India

      CAUTION: This product is not microwave friendly.

      100% protection. To know more - 8199898909 

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