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      Boost your kitchen decor and also ensure a healthy way of life by bringing home a magnificent stainless steel storage and serving set that has different colored bowls. Made of premium, food-grade quality stainless steel, the storage and serving set prevents food contamination. A mirror finish assures this set a lavish look that will surely make your dining experience with family and friends memorable. The containers have lids made with stainless steel and are unbreakable. Moreover, this kitchenware is nest able, saving you space in your kitchen cabinets. This serving bowl set can be used for other purposes as well like we can put dry fruits in it, since this is a food grade, you can keep dry fruits in it for long time periods as well without hampering the food. This is also a very great option when guests come home, as it beautifies the table as well. Since this serving bowl set is pocket friendly, it could be a great add on to any kitchen or a gift option for family and friends.

      Material - Stainless steel
      Color - Bowls: Purple | Red | Green
      Diameter - 14 CM (Same all Bowls)
      Height - 7 cm 
      Weight - 650 gm 
      Capacity - 650 ml
      Production - Made in India

      • This product is easy to Clean and Maintain.
      • This product is Durable.
      • This product is Rust Free.
      • This product is Dishwasher Friendly.
      • Do not use iron sponge or any hard cleaning agents.

      CAUTION:  This product is not Microwave Friendly.

      100% protection. To know more - 8199898909

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