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Article: Why are cocktail jiggers an essential part of your bar?

Why are cocktail jiggers an essential part of your bar?
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Why are cocktail jiggers an essential part of your bar?

Do you want to know the importance of cocktail jiggers? A cocktail jigger is an essential bar tool for mixologists and bartenders. Many cocktail shakers are set to offer the devices with the bar spoon, shakers, and strainer. Every cocktail maker also uses such tools to serve delicious drinks with balanced alcohol and flavor. 

To learn to become a mixologist or get a valid bartender license, you must know about cocktail jiggers. It is essential to get all the information given in this article. 

When you know about these essential bar tools, you can automatically run your bar.

What do you mean by the cocktail jiggers?

A cocktail jigger is a cocktail or shot measuring tool for mixologists and bartenders. It helps the bartender to get their standard drink measured for correctly mixing the drinks. It is considered an hourglass shape, and the size of the cocktail jiggers ranges from 0.5 to 2.5oz. 

Many cocktail jiggers have the line filing inside or outside with the shot glass and the shot cocktail measurements. Jigger has commonly appeared in popular cocktail recipes as the unit of measure. 

Importance of cocktail jiggers for measured bartender

The cocktail jiggers brought more than the craft ice cubes and bartenders, along with the pizza slice tattoos. Cocktail resurgence also helps the bartender to make the jiggers a common sight on the bar rails. It is considered essential jiggers for any bartender and worth them. 

The cocktail jiggers look great behind the bar. Metallic and balanced, the hourglass-like shape of these cocktail jiggers looks excellent. It works like a measuring tool to measure the ingredients in the fixed portion of the beer glass. 

When it is wielded well by the bartender while mixing the five-touch cocktail jiggers, it looks like the extension of the hand and presents an excellent display for the bartender. Further, you will learn about some reasons why this jigger is essential. 

  • Reduces over pouring
  • Assist with balanced cocktails
  • Maintain consistent across the drinks despite the bartender
  • Keep the bar services running smooth
  • Cuts back on the mistakes and the waste behind the bar. 

A way to use the cocktail jiggers

The most accurate way to use the cocktail jiggers is to hold the glass between your first and second fingers. Keep it fast while filling this cocktail jigger with the liquid, stirring it into the proper glassware and the shaker. It is the double-sided jigger that helps the bartenders to maintain the standard liquor pour. 

The relevant key to maintaining delicious cocktails is only possible by consistently using the cocktail jiggers. You can also perform this by practicing the classic cocktails recipes with the correct measurements every time. 

It isn't easy to use the jiggers properly if you are a beginner. So it is suggested to try the master jigger skill, understand the basics, and practice correctly. 

To buy the best quality bar tools, Shri and Sam are the best places where you can directly go and place your order.

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