What's Safe Cookware? And How to Find It?

Whether you are setting up your new kitchen, or you are planning to replace the old cookware. The primary concern these days is which of the cookware is the right cookware for your kitchen. And when we said right cookware here, we did not mean designer cookware or the ones that match the kitchen’s interior. Instead, we are talking about safe cookware, which can help us stay healthy and fit. Well, if you are amongst those who think cookware doesn’t affect health, then you are wrong.

For many years, we have been hearing how aluminium, copper, and non-stick cookware have become a threat to health. As they release harmful chemicals when cooking food in them. These chemicals are detrimental to our health since the traces of metals get mixed while cooking. More and more people are becoming concerned about it and are looking for safe cookware options. 

Many cookware options have been listed safe by the Cookware Manufacturers Association and other such cookware and food-related associations. If you ask most people which of the cookware is safe, they will say the name of the stainless-steel cookware only. Though, cast iron and ceramic cookware are also on the list of safe cookware. But when it comes to buying these, you cannot depend on the type of cookware. Instead, you will have to find out the best among these two. Below, we are sharing a few tips that will help you find safe cookware for your kitchen.

Is the cookware good enough for daily use?

We cook food daily, so we need to invest in cookware which is suitable for everyday use. It means that the cookware should be durable or long-lasting. After using it for a few months, it should not start chipping or flaking. If that is the case, it means that you should invest in good quality cookware. 

The quality and strength of the cookware is one thing that you need to check when buying the cookware. Other than that, keeping cookware to use for a long time depends on us also. Like, we need to maintain the cookware in the right way. We should not use those kitchen accessories that can scratch the surface of the cookware. So, you can replace the stainless steel or aluminium spatulas with wooden ones to avoid scratching.

Best among the other cookware of the same metal

If you plan to buy stainless steel cookware, not all stainless-steel cookware needs to be safe for cooking. There is stainless steel cookware made using low-quality steel, with traces of other metals mixed while getting manufactured. So, you need to find the one that is made of pure stainless steel. Do not go for buying cheap stainless-steel cookware to save money. Instead, look for the ones that purely have stainless steel and are of good quality. If you feel that they will be too costly, then you are wrong. You will find high quality, affordable, safe cookware also.

Look for the cookware according to your health concerns

There are many health conditions where one or the other metal is not suitable for the person’s health. If you have anaemia, then cooking food in iron cookware is the best thing to do. But, if you have hemochromatosis, it isn’t good to cook the food in the cast iron cookware. Those who have nickel sensitivity should not go for the cookware made of copper or stainless steel. So, those mentioned above are crucial things you need to look at when buying safe cookware.

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Final words

So, now you know how to choose safe cookware for yourself and your family. We also suggest you look for cookware manufactured using a green or eco-friendly way that is good for humanity and the environment.

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