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Article: Use the right type of spoon and fork for Food and Beverage Service

Use the right type of spoon and fork for Food and Beverage Service

Use the right type of spoon and fork for Food and Beverage Service

While eating foods and drinking beverages, we make use of a wide variety of spoons and forks. To ensure that you enjoy the delicious food and drinks, choosing the right type of spoons and utensils is a must. Let's read about different spoons and how their use can enhance the overall experience.

  • Baby Spoon

Baby spoons are very small, a little larger than the spoons we use for stirring the tea and coffee spoon. They are designed to feed babies and infants.

  • Cheese spoon

These spoons are specially designed to grate cheese, and the cup of such spoons are decorated innovatively.

  • Coffee spoon

We often need a spoon to stir a cup of cappuccino. In that case, a coffee or a teaspoon comes to help. It is small, about the size of 4.5" to 5", and a perfect choice to mix your hot beverages.

  • Cream or Sauce Spoon

These spoons are also of a length of 4.5" to 5" and are mainly used to serve cream or sauce.

  • Ice Cream spoon

This spoon is used while having mocktails, ice creams, etc., that are served in long glasses. They are very long, about 9" to 10", but have a small cup. 

  • Dessert Fork

About 7.0" to 7.5" dessert forks are smaller than the fruit forks and the

usual table forks. A Dessert Fork generally has three tines and is used with a variety of dessert items.

  • Dessert Spoon 

Dessert spoons are about 8" to 8.5" in size and are generally used when

desserts are served in oval bowls. They are a perfect choice when serving desserts.

  • Fish Fork

As the name says, fish Forks are used primarily for dishes made of fish. They are about 7" to 8" in size and lets people have your fish with ease.

  • Fruit Fork

Fruit forks are small, about 5" to 6" in size. They have two tines and are

specially designed to be used while having fruits and fruit dishes.

  • Fruit spoon

Fruit spoons are also used to eat fruit items and appetizers. They are of a size 5.5" to 6".

  • Ham fork

Ham forks are of the size 7" to 8" and are used to pick up fine slices of

deli meat and prosciutto. They have two tines.

  • Ice cream spoon

Having a size of 6" to 6.5", ice cream spoons are used to pick up ice cream. They are specially designed and have a flat cup which is mostly square.

  • Olive spoon

This spoon is around 6" to 6.5" in size and is used to serve olives and other items generally preserved in liquids. It has a round and deep cup with holes so that the fluid is drained out.

  • Oyster fork

This fork is specially designed to have oysters. It is 4" to 4.5" in size and has three broad and curved tines. The left tine is extra wide to facilitate

cutting the membrane, which connects oysters to the shell.

  • Pastry fork

Pastry forks are about 5" to 5.5" in size and are used to cut pies. They have three tines, and the third time sometimes has a notch. They are short and gives leverage in cutting.

  • Rice Spoon 

Rice spoon typically has the more considerable body for serving rice dishes and other side dishes. 

  • Roast Pork 

Roast forks are big, about 10" to 11" in size. They have two points designed for stabbing meat during the carving phase and turning it during


  • Salad Spoon & Fork 

Salad spoons are used with Salad Forks. They are used for mixing salad and serving it.

  • Serving Spoon & Fork 

The serving spoon comes with the Serving Fork and is used to serve food.

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By referring to the list mentioned above, you shall get accustomed to different types of spoons and forks available in the market and how each can enhance the overall experience of your meals.

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