The Quick and Easy Way to Seasoning New Cooking Utensils

Whenever you buy new cooking utensils, it is always being suggested that you do the seasoning. However, not every cooking utensil requires seasoning. But many need it, and one should note different cooking utensils needs extra seasoning. 

Seasoning cooking utensils have additional benefits like it becomes quite easier to clean them. Also, after seasoning, the surface of the cooking utensils becomes non-stick. It means you can cook food in those cooking utensils by using less amount of oil or butter. It helps in cooking healthy and low-fat food with ease. Here, we will help you know a quick and easy way to season new cooking utensils to get all these benefits.

Clean the new cooking utensils

Before you start the seasoning method, the first thing that you need to do is to clean the pans and pots. To season the utensil appropriately, one must make sure to clean them properly. Make use of hot water and utensils cleaning detergent to clean these new cooking utensils. Many pans and pots have plastic packaging on them. Or they are coated with wax to give them a shiny look. So, make sure you clean all of it and then only start seasoning after drying the utensils.

Two methods of seasoning

When it comes to seasoning cooking utensils, two quick and easy methods are used. One is using an oven, and the other one is done using a hot burner. The methods depend on the metal of cooking utensils they are made of, so we suggest using the right seasoning methods after knowing whether it is suitable for that particular cooking utensil metal.

Hot Oven Method

This method is mainly used for cooking utensils made using tin, iron, and aluminum. In this method, firstly, you need to preheat the oven up to 400-degree F. Now, before placing the cooking pan or pot inside the oven, take a foil-lined baking sheet. Please put it on the hot oven’s lower rack. Now, it is time to take the new cooking pan or pot and start coating it with oil with the help of a lined paper towel. Once you are done coating, put the cooking utensil in the hot oven’s upper shelf.

It is now time to bake the cooking utensils, but remember that baking different cooking utensils vary. Like, if you are baking an aluminum pot, it will only take 18 to 20 minutes. But, if you are baking a cast iron pan inside the oven, it will take around 50 minutes. Now take the seasoned cooking utensil out of the range after turning off the stove and let that utensil get cool. Remove the oil from the seasoned cooking utensil with the help of a paper towel. Your new cooking utensil is now seasoned and ready to use.

Hot Burner or Stove Method

You can use this seasoning method for big pans and pots that don’t fit inside the oven. Or you can make use of them for woks, and cooking utensils made using carbon steel. Firstly, turn on the cooking stove and let the flame be on between medium and high heat. Now, get your new cooking utensil and put it over the hot burner. Keep heating it on this flame until it starts smoking. Once it starts smoking, coat the cooking utensil with the help of a tong by using a small portion of the paper towel dipped inside the oil. After you are done coating, turn the flame to high, as that will help in melting and spreading the oil evenly. You will see that it started smoking again in a few minutes, so it is time to turn off the flame. Let it cool down, and meanwhile, wipe off the oil left on the newly seasoned cooking utensil with the help of a paper towel.

Final words

So, now you know both the quick and easy ways for seasoning your new cooking utensils. Decide which one you want to use according to the type of cooking utensils you have bought, and start the process on your new utensils now.

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