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Article: Puttu with Homemade Rice Powder

Puttu with Homemade Rice Powder

Puttu with Homemade Rice Powder

Puttu is an extraordinary wellspring of carbs that assists with renewing the energy levels immediately. It is likewise without gluten grain and suits best for individuals with IBS. As high on the glycemic record, rice flour can be changed with ragi, wheat, or other millet flour, making it generally appropriate for diabetic, heart patients, and the individuals who need to shed an abundance of kilos. New coconut is an extraordinary wellspring of sound medium-chain fatty oil that advances weight reduction. While high on dietary fiber and lauric acid, coconut further develops the absorption interaction and cholesterol levels. 

Ingredients to be added:  

  • Parboiled rice – 1 ½ cup 
  • Water – 1 cup (for sprinkling) 
  • Coconut (ground) – 1 ½ cup 
  • Salt – to taste 

Step by step technique:  

  1. Absorb the cleaned rice water for around 5 – 6 hours or overnight. Channel the water totally and spread the rice in a fabric or paper for approximately 2 hours to eliminate the overabundance of water. 
  2. Granulate it to a coarse powder, in groups, in a processor and keep it prepared. 
  3. Warm enough water in a pressing factor cooker with the top and let it bubble. Fill the ground rice flour in the barrel-shaped puttu creator (steamed rice cake producer) and spot it over the pressing factor cooker, and let it cook till the steam emerges from it. Move the steamed rice flour to a deep bowl. Rehash the cycle till all the ground rice flour is steamed. 
  4. Add sufficient salt to 1 cup of water and join well. Shower this all around the steamed rice flour gradually and enter uniformly. 
  5. Presently make a meager layer of coconut in the puttu producer with little ground coconut, then, at that point, add a handful of rice flour, again a dainty layer of coconut, rehash the interaction till it is filled. Cover the rice flour on top with ground coconut and spot it again over the pressing factor cooker. Cook till the steam comes out (it will take around 6 – 8 minutes). Rehash the cycle to make more steamed rice cake (puttu). Serve hot with Kadala Curry (Bengal Gram Curry). 

The fantastic medical advantages of this unassuming dish have made it popular amongst people living in south India. Further, because of its popularity, various options to customize it has also been made available. For breakfast, it can be presented with Kadala Curry, moong gram dal, banana, jaggery, and papad. These days, puttu is also served alongside liberal servings of ground coconut; the fillings can be anything from kheema, egg flavors, and steamed veggies. 

Without much ado, attempt this straightforward, delectable, and feeding puttu that will ensure improved generally speaking wellbeing for you and your family. Thus, you can be confident to partake in the well-being motivating forces of a nutritious breakfast. 

How Is Puttu Prepared? 

Generally, puttu is steamed in coconut shells or bamboo molds; however, tempered steel puttu Kutty or liners are accessible. The flour can be merged utilizing coconut milk alongside the water in equivalent parts for a fine surface and rich flavor to get the right consistency—Kerala's standard to serve puttu with a cushioned papadam, banana, and some tea or espresso. Puttu can also be ready with other nutritious grains, such as wheat flour, ragi flour, custard, and cornflour that upgrade the taste and supplement esteem. 

To summarize

Puttu is one of the principal morning meals devoured in Sri Lanka, they call it Pittu, and local people accept that puttu was started in Sri Lanka. At the same time, a few compositions in Tamil uncover that a sweet form of the puttu is referenced in Thiruvilayadal Puranam. This significant Tamil abstract work traces back to the sixteenth century. 

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I like puttu, it’s my favorite. I add fine chopped dates before steaming & it’s delicious food for me.


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