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Article: How are non-stick tadka pans different from regular pans?

How are non-stick tadka pans different from regular pans?
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How are non-stick tadka pans different from regular pans?

With the advancement in technology, kitchenware things have also developed and become standard. Nowadays, kitchen wares have become easier to use, convenient and modern. Remember the days when you had to cook in regular pans and the food used to get stuck on the surface of the pan? Those pans did provide a smoky flavor to food, but food gets wasted and stuck, and the worst thing is to clean the pan. There are lots of perks to using a nonstick pan. 

Here are the reasons why you should opt for stainless steel nonstick pans and not regular pans:

  • Nonstick pans are long-lasting
  • Nonstick pans are durable
  • Nonstick pans are sturdy 
  • Nonstick pans use less oil 
  • Nonstick pans are easier to clean and stack
  • Nonstick pans are easy to maintain
  • Nonstick pans are dishwasher safe 
  • Nonstick pans can withstand high temperature 
  • Nonstick pans are safe for cooking 
  • Nonstick pans are easy to use 
  • Laypeople can easily use nonstick pans. 
  • Nonstick pans don’t burn food 
  • Nonstick pans are generally lightweight and easy to hold or grip. 
  • Nonstick pans don’t rust or corrode easily. 

On the other hand, if you use regular pans, here are the disadvantages:

  • Regular pans get rusted easily. 
  • Regular pans might last long but lose their texture and shine.
  • Regular pans can be durable, but they don’t last for more than a year as they can break easily. 
  • Regular pans are not hygienic compared to nonstick stainless steel pans as they use up loads of oil, and the food gets stuck on the surface while cooking. 
  • Regular pans are dishwasher safe but lose their shine after using harsh dishwashers. 
  • Regular pans might get stained if food is cooked at high temperatures. You may find the black coat developing at the inner and outer surface of the traditional pan if prone to high temperature or high heat. 
  • Regular pans are not easy to use as most people might get injuries or burns. 
  • A lot of time, regular pans burn food. 
  • Regular pans are designed for everyday use. Hence, they are generally not lightweight.
  • Regular pans might cause discomfort by holding or gripping them for too long. 
  • Regular pans don’t have a good coating, as some might release toxins that can deteriorate the taste of your food. 

Which pan to buy: A regular or nonstick stainless steel pan? 

Which brand to buy? You should not worry; you should always choose nonstick stainless steel pans. You shall not fear; Shri and Sam bring you a vast collection of stainless steel nonstick pans at a fantastic price suitable for various types of food, be it for noodles, chapatis or tadka; pans are available. Shri and sam had designed tadka pans for pan-fried dishes as well.

Why should you opt for stainless steel nonstick pans from Shri and sam? 

  • Budget-friendly
  • Long-lasting and durable 
  • A variety of pans are available. 
  • Superior quality stainless steel assured pans. 
  • High temperature and heat tolerant 
  • Some stainless steel nonstick pans by Shri and Sam are Stainless steel triply nonstick fry pan linocut, and some pans come in sets with an aluminium coating like Aluminum nonstick Tossing fry pan Primestome, aluminium nonstick tadka pan Primestone, etc. 


If you are planning to buy a stainless steel nonstick pan, then choose Shri and Sam and have a look at their fantastic collection; for more information, check

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