Har Ghar Ki Khushiyon Ki Siti

“Har Ghar Ki Khushiyon Ki Siti” launched by Shri and Sam in the Indian Market.

Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker with no pressure on Pockets.

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After a great successful launch of tri-ply LINOCUT and ROCKLINE non-stick cookware, Shri and Sam, a premium brand into complete kitchenware has recently launched its range of “stainless steel pressure cooker” in 2L, 3L and 5L with two designs “Signum” and “OPUS” in the Indian market. After the complete test marketing with few states in India, brand has got tremendously positive feedback on the quality of its pressure cooker and widely accepted by the current distributor network. The brand started its test marketing in the month of October 2018 and completed on 31st December 2018. The brand is completely more focused on the quality and value of money for the end customer. The company has announced the revised prices after test marketing project keeping in mind the competition and with no pressure on pockets of the customers. The unique features of Shri and Sam pressure cooker defines the quality and functionality that makes it different from the other pressure cooker available in the market. The company started the marketing of the campaign under the idea of “Har Ghar Ki Khushiyon Ki Siti” with an idea to bring health and wealth in the household. This pressure cooker is made with high quality 304 steel grade with sandwitch bottom and Silicon Gasket for long life durability and smoother functionality with a feature to save upto 70% cook time and so cost effective. Its induction compatible base allows customer to cook at Gas Stove, Induction Stove, Halogen etc.

Company CMD Mr. Pawan Kansal proudly announced the launch of its pressure cooker under the name “Signum and OPUS” as per their style statement and features. According to him, it is important to educate people about the benefits of stainless steel and its usage is the need of today and tomorrow. Before launching the product in the market, Mr. Kansal tests the product under his own supervision & after satisfying with the test results, it is further being tested at various LAB to earn the trust factor for his customers. As a brand custodian, he personally believe that before supply the product in the market for the mass audience, it should be verified and tested to earn millions of smiles for the brand from the customers. Shri and Sam a part of Jagdamba Group, with 33 years of brilliance has emerged as a leader in break-through innovation with Stainless Steel ware. The brand scaled new heights in manufacturing Stainless Steel metal press components and fabricated items with exports worldwide. With our experience of more than two decades, we always aspire to meet the identical demands of our customer and have endeavored to find a way by offering elite products to satisfy long standing requirements of our customer. 

The company decided to reduce the pricing and new prices being introduced by the brand in Signum 2L is Rs. 2175, 3L Rs. 2395 and 5L is Rs. 2795. Whereas OPUS pricing for 2L is Rs. 2175, 3L is Rs. 2495 and 5L is Rs. 2895. The company has also offered a win-win situation for its distribution channel and dealer network to ensure the satisfaction level. The company has also selling their products on their own marketplace www.shriandsam.com.

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