Four Easy Tips To Make Ice Last Longer In An Ice Bucket

Ice is a simple yet crucial part of everyday life, as well as for various special occasions. Ice includes one undeniable and inherent flaw that requires to get attended to maintain its usage. Ice melts up quickly, one moment, it is right in front of your eyes, and the other is like a cool small puddle over the table. If you host a party, the primary thing you must worry about is ice melting. So, here are the tips to beat ice melting that would allow ice to last longer in a simple cube form, especially in Shri and Sam stainless steel ice buckets.

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Usage of tin foil to line ice bucket

If you are hosting a grand party, you must store a massive amount of ice in an ice bucket or a cooler. Before placing ice into the ice bucket, line the bucket with a single layer of aluminium foil. Wrap the outside of the bucket; first, you must wrap the sides horizontally and then use a large piece to cover the opposite sides vertically. This seems to be a simple and easy tip to keep the ice intact, as it reflects light and heat away from the bucket. 

Consider the ice's size before ordering.

For a grand party, consider purchasing large cubes and chunks. This might not always be on the forefront during ice purchasing, but it would be better to buy large-sized ice cubes, as they would melt slowly. But, no matter what size of ice you buy, Shri and Sam ice bucket would make it happen for you, as it would allow the ice cubes to last longer. 

Storage in a shaded and cool area

It is a great start to wrap the ice bucket with reflective aluminium foil to make the ice last longer. But, it is essential to store the ice bucket in the correct place, and it would be best to keep the ice bucket indoors and in a room away from direct sunlight. And if kept outdoors, keep the ice bucket in shady areas like under the table umbrella, tree, or buffet table to avoid sunlight.

Keep the ice bucket stuffed.

Make sure to keep the amazing Shri and Sam ice bucket filled to the brim with ice, as it would keep the bucket much colder. This would ensure that the ice doesn't melt too quickly, and if the bucket runs low, grab a new batch of ice to refill the ice bucket. This would help the ice to remain calm and intact, which serves as its self-cooling mechanism.

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Impact on ice melting duration

Size of ice

The bigger the ice, the more slowly it melts. Fortunately, there are several methods of making ice clear as it would show an impact on melting.


If the ice bucket is kept covered, the ice will melt slowly as the covering blocks heat from entering the ice bucket. 


Allow the ice to last longer in an ice bucket as it would be the most practical way. So, don't forget to purchase the best Shri and Sam ice bucket to enjoy long-lasting ice without quick melting. Make your grand party move on without any hassle or obstacle.
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