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Article: 5 Reasons You Should Stop Consuming Soft Drinks Now

5 Reasons You Should Stop Consuming Soft Drinks Now
Healthy Ideas

5 Reasons You Should Stop Consuming Soft Drinks Now

Here are a lot of people who consume soft drinks in their daily routine. But, do you know its disadvantages? And how could it be dangerous for your health? Studies agree that there are a lot of reasons to stop soft drinks. Firstly, it is full of sugar, and do you know what sugar will do? It will increase your heart disease and diabetes as well. All the drinks, including Soda or soft drinks, will increase the risk of heart issues and cholesterol. Apart from the above, it can also cause multiple other problems, which have been discussed in detail below. 

Dangerous for your Bones

Phosphorus is an essential component of bone, and more consumption of phosphate rather than calcium can weaken the bones and teeth. The phosphoric acid present in Softdrinks makes it more difficult for your body to absorb the calcium and cause Osteoporosis. We know that over the age of 60, the deficiency of calcium and vitamin D3 is found in women’s which is the most significant reason for Osteoporosis. The calcium deficiency will also affect teeth that Soda already weakens.  

Upset your stomach

Acid, which is present in the Soda, will exasperate your stomach lining and can cause heartburn. Carbonation can also cause stomach pain because the fizz leads to grass, and it can change the stomach metabolism and cause stomach ulcers. Always be careful before drinking; it can be dangerous for your stomach and health.  

Increase the Risk of Diabetes

Research indicated that soft drinks could cause type 2 diabetes. According to the study, people who take one or more cane of Soft beverages or sugary drinks have a greater risk of type 2 diabetes than those who take sip rarely. With diabetes, soft drinks can also cause metabolic syndrome, a cluster of diseases or conditions, like high blood pressure, blood sugar levels, high cholesterol. These conditions will give the high risk of heart disease and stroke.

Sugar Intake and weight problems 

A cane of Soft drink contains 33gm of sugar, which is equal to 9.5 teaspoons of sugar. It exceeds the daily recommended allowance of sugar; the recommended allotment for women is six teaspoons and nine teaspoons for men. Continuously drinking Soft drinks can lead to obesity and overweight. High fructose is present in soft drinks, which is harder to metabolize than regular sugar. If you take a significant quantity of sugar other than your routine, it will create problems for you. 

 Artificial sweeteners and Headache

According to some studies and evidence, an artificial sweetener may create Headache and migraines in some people. Some people experience headaches after drinking soft drinks, and it happens because of one of the pharmacological effects of compression on blood vessels in the brain. If someone is regularly drinking, the body will fight with this effect, but the result will be negative if the drink is not consumed in routine. The blood will dilate too much and cause a headache. If you have a sensitive migraine, then you need to reconsider your soft drinks. Too much use of soft drinks can cause migraine attacks because it acts on some receptors in the brain, which is linked with migraines, according to the 2009 review. The sweeteners and dehydrating effects of drinks will cause pain on the top of the head, directly related to your brain receptors. 

Take away

Above mentioned facts very well clarifies that consumption of soft drinks can cause immense harm to an individual and his overall health. It is always recommended to consume anything in moderate quantity. However, if you are habitual of taking soft beverages, we suggest you discuss them with your consultant and make any move ahead.

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