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 ITEM CONTENT : Fry Pan - 01 N

This Shri and Sam Fry Pan is the ideal product for any kind of kitchen or person who is looking for something niche. Imagine all the benefits of non stick cooking with the healthy combination of stainless steel. This has been launched in India for the first time by Shri and Sam. This non stick coating on the stainless steel frypan also gives an advantage than a regular non stick product, you can use metal kitchen tools now on your non tick product without the fear of it losing its non stick cooking. This allows the frying pan to work as a non stick with all the properties of stainless steel. This non stick coating is completely PFOA free. This product by Shri and Sam is for people who love cooking and it can also be the perfect gift for any kind of occasion. Moreover, with its esteemed looks, it is really beautiful product to fit in any type of kitchen.This product can also be cleaned and maintained easily.

Material - Stainless Steel
Color - Stainless Steel / Black
Diameter - 22 cm and 24 cm
Height - 4.5 cm, 5 CM
Weight - 22 cm: 0.810 kgs , 24 cm: 0.895 kgs
Production - Made in India

Linocut is an innovation in triply non-stick cookware with an advanced “LINOCUT Coating” based on NANO TECHNOLOGY. “Linocut Coating” is an advanced version of non-stick cookware with the unique feature of:

  • Kitchen Friendly, as works great on all oven ranges, including induction, gas, glass ceramic, halogen, electric, and more…
  • All metal spatula friendly
  • Easy handling, care and cleaning as compared to ordinary non-stick cookware
  • Combined with all stainless steel benefits to cook Crispy, golden brown, delicious fried foods
  • Extremely High Scratch Resistance Cookware
  • Completely non-sticky and provides even heat distribution for fast cooking
  • More surface area for cooking due to its “Unique Honeycomb Design”
  • Longer life than a conventional non-stick cookware
100% protection. To know more - 8199898909


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