Food Strainer / Perforated Bowl - Elis

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Type: Daily Needs

Item Content - 1 PC Food Strainer 

Material - Stainless Steel
Color - Stainless Steel / Silver
Diameter - 24 cm 
Height - 10 cm
Weight - 150 grams
Production - Made In India

This Shri and Sam food strainer is made from premium quality stainless steel that has the ideal looks and perfect for all kinds of kitchen. This gives a perfect drainage system and makes sure that the water passes by freely. This has a shiny finish on the outside as well as inside. This has the right shape and size, which makes it perfect for Indian households. This kitchen food strainer is perfect for all types of food and also it can be used for both straining as well as cooking, all you need to do is tilt it when draining something and keep it straight while cooking. This bowl can be used for all kinds of food like rice, legumes,quinoa and other grains, pasta, spaghetti, steamed vegetables fruits.

  • This product is easy to Clean and Maintain.
  • This product is Durable.
  • This product is Rust Free.
  • This product is Dishwasher Friendly.
  • Do not use iron sponge or any hard cleaning agents.

CAUTION:  This product is not Microwave Friendly.


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