4 PCS D/W Ice Cream Set - Forte

Rs. 1,699.00
Type: Serveware

Item Content - 4 PCS Cup and 4 PCS Spoon

Material - Stainless steel
Color - Stainless steel/silver
Diameter of Cup - 8.7 cm each
Length of Spoon - 13 cm
Height of Cup - 7.8 cm each
Weight - 200 gm each
Production - Made in India
Care - Dishwasher Safe


This ice cream set by Shri and Sam is built in premium quality stainless steel to ensure its longevity, this contains 4 pcs of ice cream cups and 4 spoons, all of them are in silver color and have a outer shiny and inner matt finish. These look premium at any table, with its brilliant looks it can complement any kind of table. This will be a perfect host to your guests and it will impress them too. Moreover, this can be used to serve several things like ice cream, halwa, gulab jamun, pudding, cake, mousse and a lot more. This ice cream set can be a great gift for small occasions too. This is completely food safe and it can be easily cleaned and maintained in a dishwasher.  

  • This product is easy to Clean and Maintain.
  • This product is Durable.
  • This product is Rust Free.
  • This product is Dishwasher Friendly.
  • Do not use iron sponge or any hard cleaning agents.

      CAUTION :  This product is not Microwave Friendly.

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