3 PCS Non-Stick Cookware Set - Rockline (Multi Tawa, Deep Fry Pan and Kadhai - 26 CM each)

Rs. 5,755.00

3 PCS Non-Stick Cookware Set - Rockline (Multi Tawa, Deep Fry Pan and Kadhai - 26 CM each) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Item Content - Multi Tawa - 26CM, Deep Fry Pan - 26CM and Kadhai - 26CM

Multi Tawa - 26CM

The perfect work horse for your kitchen is here, this Shri and Sam Rockline multi Tawa can be used for several purposes. The thickness to this tawa is heavy(5mm) which makes it ideal for rotis, paranthas, dosas, pancakes and lot more. This non stick multi tawa is made from heavy gauge aluminum that has a 3 layer non stick coating on it with 3 layers of spatter as well. This product looks like a rock, which means it is designed in a fashion that ensures its durability the non stick coating on this product is chemical PFOA free. This cookware is dishwasher friendly and comes with soft touch handles. This product is completely food grade and food safe. This multi tawa is user friendly and works with all heating sources like induction, gas, electric etc.  since it is a non stick tawa it requires minimal oil in cooking which makes it a healthy choice.  This multi tawa is all about sophisticated combination of style, efficiency, safety and user friendly features to add comfort to your everyday life. This product also has a 2 years of warranty.

Deep Fry Pan - 26CM

Enjoy your evening pakoras or your morning cutlets in this Shri and Sam’s Rockline Deep Fry Pan. This product looks like it has been built by a rock, since its built to last, hence, the name. This fry pan is crafted in heavy gauge aluminum that has 3 layers of spatter in different colors, over the non stick coating. One of our most sold deep fry pans and very common in Indian households, this fry pan is designed to retain flavors and spices with minimum oil consumption. This product has an induction bottom which means this product is compatible with all heating sources like gas, electric, induction etc. This fry pan can cook for approximately 2-3 people easily. This non stick deep fry pan can be the perfect healthy choice over any other normal fry pan because of its non stick property, the food does not stick to the pan. The handle on the fry pan is a soft touch handle that means it is smooth to hold and grips easily on the hands. With the right design and perfect looks this deep fry pan could be a great add on for any kind of kitchen.

Kadhai with Glass Lid - 26 CM

An ideal contender that can be used for cooking as well as serving. One of our favorite product in India, this Shri and Sam rockline Kadai has the ideal thickness plus it looks like a its made from rock, though it is forged from pure gauge aluminum that has 3 layers of non stick coating on it, assuring its durability. Moreover, this kadai has 3 spatters of colors over that which gives it these sturdy looks. The design of this kadai is ideal for all types of kitchen and suits all styles of cooking. This product has soft touch handles on it which eases the way you pick it up. The glass lid with this kadai is heat resistant, moreover it is really easy to clean this kadai because of its excellent non stick quality. This product is compatible with all heating sources like induction, electric, gas etc. this product requires minimal oil that ensures a healthy way of eating food. With its exclusive looks and elegant design, it could be the right serving option in front of guests and family as well. 

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