24 PCS Cutlery set- Impressa Plain with Stand

Rs. 1,599.00

Item Content - 6 PCS Snack Spoon, 6 PCS Dinner Spoon, 6 PCS Dinner Fork, 6 PCS Soup Spoon and 1 PC Stand 

Item Content

 6 PCS Snack Spoon, 6 PCS Dinner Spoon, 6 PCS Soup   Spoon, 6 PCS Dinner Fork and 1 PC Stand


 Stainless Steel


 Stainless Steel / Silver


 14.5 cm, 18 cm, 17.6 cm & 18 cm respectively


 19 grams, 47 grams, 56 grams & 47 grams respectively


 Made In India

The Shri and Sam 24 pcs impresa cutlery set that comprises of 6 pcs of each: Snack spoon, Dinner spoon, Dinner fork, Soup spoon. An ideal cutlery set to use in contemporary as well as traditional homes. This cutlery set has a medium thickness which is strong enough that it cannot bend easily. This cutlery set has a mirror finish to it. This cutlery set is a very handy one as it comes with a stand as well. Since, it is simple yet elegant and with the stand, this is a perfect choice for open kitchens as well.

• This product is Food Grade.
• This product is Food Safe.
• This product is Durable.
• This product is Rust Free.
• This product is Dishwasher Friendly.

CAUTION: This product is not microwave friendly.

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