24 PCS Dinner Set (4 People)

Rs. 2,199.00
Type: Dinner Set

Item Content - 4N Dinner Plate, 4N Side Plate, 4N Glass, 4N Bowls biding, 4N Pudding Bowl, 4N Dinner Spoon

Size Sets - 24 PCS

Material - Stainless steel

Color - Stainless steel/silver

Diameter of plates - Dinner plates: 28.5 cm, Side plates: 18.5 cm

Diameter of bowls - Curry bowls: 10 cm, pudding bowls: 11 cm

Length of cutlery - dinner spoon: 17 cm

Capacity - Bowl: 200 ml, glass: 300 ml

Height - dinner plates: 1.5 cm, side plates: 1 cm , glasses 10 cm, bowls:4 cm

Package Weight - 3.4 kgs

Production - Made in India

Get your kitchen a very well established look and ensure a better way of living by getting this 24 PCS stainless steel dinner set from Shri and sam.

This dinner set is made from food grade quality stainless steel which makes it a brilliant product and an ultimate combo. The quality from which the dinner set is made is a premium quality stainless steel that makes it a way healthier life than the regular melamine products. This makes sure that there is no food contamination and the food can be stored in the same containers and can be used to serve as well.

Moreover, this kitchen combo set is very size efficient, will fit in your kitchen effortlessly and will save you a lot of space. This combo is a complete value for money as this serving and storage set is a great add on to your kitchen. This can be a perfect choice as it is easy on pockets and is elegant enough that it could be a stylish gift to friends and family.

This product is Food Grade.
This product is Food Safe.
This product is Durable.
This product is Rust Free.
This product is Dishwasher Friendly.

    CAUTION: This product is not microwave friendly.

    100% protection. To know more - 8199898909