2 PCS Stainless Steel Cookware Set


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Item Content : Opus Cooker 3 L - 01 N and Hammered Kadhai 24 CM - 01 N

Opus Cooker 3 Ltr.

This Shri and Sam Opus series is a superior range than other pressure cookers , not just because of its extraordinary look but also because of its shiny finish , it makes the product additionally special. This is a light weight pressure cooker that is durable and sturdy.This can be cleaned easily and is dishwasher friendly , otherwise it can be cleaned easily with sponge and water, it really does not require an extra efforts to clean it.

Material - Stainless steel
Color -
Stainless steel/silver
Capacity - 
Diameter - 
18 cm
13 cm 
Weight -
1.650 kgs
Production -
Made in India

Hammered Kadhai 24 CM

This Kadhai by Shri and Sam is built with premium quality stainless steel which is rust free and highly durable. This kadhai is in steel color and has a shiny finish to it which makes it suit any type of kitchen. This kadhai is hand hammered which makes it even beautiful. This product can be a perfect add on to any cookware collection. This kadhai can be a treat for Indian cooking, otherwise too, it suits all types of cooking styles. This kadhai has Bakelite handles which stay cool and do not heat while cooking. This kadhai also has modern yet elegant design which rests the kitchen tool easily. The shape is designed in a manner to make sure cleaning and maintaining this kadhai is very easy.

Material - Stainless steel
Color - Stainless steel/silver
Capacity - 2500 ml
Diameter - 24 cm
Height 8 cm
Weight - 0.740 kgs

Production - Made in India


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