2 PCS Ladle Server - Pearl

Rs. 278.00
Type: Daily Needs

Item Content: 1 Piece Ladle server

Material - Stainless steel
Color - Stainless steel/silver
Length - 20 cm each
Weight - 65 gm each
Production - Made in India

Pearl Ladle by Shri and Sam is a premium quality stainless steel product which is in steel color and is in Shiny finish. This ladle is perfect for serving as the cup is perfect size to serve rice, curries etc. It has a perfect handle that is inclined in the right direction, so as to not feel that heavy while serving. Moreover, it is really easy to store it as it can be hanged on any wall, it does not require shelf space. The length of the handle is built short to make sure it does not get imbalanced while serving food. This product is perfect for your serving collection. It is simple looking which makes it suitable for any type of collection.

Care Use & Guidelines -

  • Before use Wash in Soapy water rinse and Wash thoroughly.

Washing Instructions -

  • Rinse or Wash directly after use, dry immediately.
  • After washing or Dish Washer Cycle.
  • Never use Steelwool, scouring powder or other aggressive agents.

To avoid Staining or Superficial Rusting

  • Avoid steel unfriendly lemon or lemon scented detergents.
  • Do not leave to soak in water or store in damp conditions
  • Do not Rinse & hold cycle when Dish washing.

(Usually Delivers in 48 hrs)
Cash on Delivery Eligible.

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