2 PCS Bowl - Eye

Rs. 398.00

Item Content - 2 PCS Bowl

Brand Shri and Sam
Size Sets 2 PCS
Material Stainless Steel
Production Made In India
Color Stainless Steel / Silver
Capacity 350 ML EACH
Height 3 CM EACH
Diameter 15 CM EACH
Weight 151 GM EACH
Care Dishwasher Safe

A very essential item for any kind of cook who is looking to become great! This Shri and Sam eye bowl is forged in superior quality stainless steel, which is better than the usual shoddy and beaten up bowls. This product offers modern style mixing because of its bright looks and effective design. This product has a shiny finish on it which makes it perfect for any kind of table. This product can be easily maintained and cleaned, also this takes very less space in your kitchen. This is perfect for everyday home use or commercial kitchens, its sturdy enough that it can stand up to its everyday use. You can use this product to cook, mix, serve and store in it. This is an ideal choice to add to your serving collection and effective at the backend kitchen use too.

  • This product is easy to Clean and Maintain.
  • This product is Durable.
  • This product is Rust Free.
  • This product is Dishwasher Friendly.
  • Do not use iron sponge or any hard cleaning agents.

CAUTION:  This product is not Microwave Friendly.

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Cash on Delivery Eligible.

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