18 PCS Cutlery Set- Sigma Border

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Item Content - 6 PCS Pudding Spoon, 6 PCS Dinner Spoon and 6 PCS Dinner Fork

Item Content

 6 PCS Pudding Spoon, 6 PCS Dinner Spoon and 6 PCS Dinner   Fork


 Stainless Steel


 Stainless Steel / Silver


 13 cm, 17.2 cm & 17.5 cm respectively


 18 grams, 30 grams & 21 grams respectively


 Made In India

This cutlery set includes 6 pcs of each: Pudding Spoon, Dinner Spoon and Dinner Fork. Due to the shiny finish on it and the simple design, this can be a part of any dinner setting. This cutlery set has a medium thickness that is perfect to eat food and is way better than the usual cutlery sets used in Indian households. This cutlery set is silver in color and can be good add on to your cutlery. The end of handle has an oval shape and can be proudly used for everyday use since it is a long lasting product. This cutlery set has a simple design, perfect balance and comfortable grip. Shri and Sam communicates quality that can be enjoyed for many years. Whether its planning a simple meal for two or planning a party, this cutlery set will come handy. This cutlery set is crafted in fine quality stainless steel to compliment many styles, cuisines and table settings.

 • This product is Food Grade.
• This product is Food Safe.
• This product is Durable.
• This product is Rust Free.
• This product is Dishwasher Friendly.

CAUTION: This product is not microwave friendly.

100% protection. To know more - 8199898909 

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