18 PCS Cutlery set- Rose

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Item Content - 6 PCS Tea Spoon, 6 PCS Dinner Spoon, and 6 PCS Dinner Fork

Item Content

 6 PCS Tea Spoon, 6 PCS Dinner Spoon, and 6 PCS Dinner   Fork


 Stainless Steel


 Stainless Steel / Silver


 14.5 cm, 18.5 cm & 21 cm respectively


 20.5 grams, 30.5 grams & 32 grams respectively


 Made In India

Forged from the fine 201 stainless steel, Rose cutlery set features beautiful matt surfaces, a delightful fluidity of design and the perfect combination of weight and balance. This is a modern design that has its handle looking like a rose flower stem and the end of the handle has a fluent design with one side of it round and the other side comparatively edgy. This feature magnifies its look and can be compatible with any table setting. This cutlery set by Shri and Sam can be the ideal choice for both hosting parties or everyday meals. This cutlery set is ideally firm and can be perfect if you want a long lasting cutlery set. Due to its quality its not easy to bend it or break it, this makes it far better then the cutlery sets usually used in Indian households. Since, this cutlery set serves six people, it can be a perfect gifting option as well.

• This product is Food Grade.
• This product is Food Safe.
• This product is Durable.
• This product is Rust Free.
• This product is Dishwasher Friendly.

CAUTION: This product is not microwave friendly.

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