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      Are you searching for a high quality Cutlery set? If you do, then Shri and Sam has a stunning set for you: The Lush 18 Pcs cutlery Set which is ideal for you.

      Furthermore, this high-quality stainless steel set is a reliable cutlery set that comes with a sandblasting coating that assists in holding the piece in the hand. The handle has a matt finish on it while the upper part has a mirror finish. The modern design makes it look pleasant and stunning, the pattern adds something special to the eating experience. Also, the handle has a gold-colored design on it, which makes it exquisite. 

      When it comes to premium quality cutlery sets, Shri and Sam is certainly the brand to look forward too. The Lush Cutlery Set represents a great addition to your home and helps you place great eating instruments at your dinner table. The acute design of this cutlery set enhances your dining experience.

      This set is dishwasher friendly and is easy to clean which makes it a durable product that will last many years.

      Material - Stainless Steel
      Color - Stainless Steel / Gold
      Length - 14 cm, 19 cm & 19 cm respectively
      Weight - 19 grams, 47 grams & 47 grams respectively
      Production - Made In India

      • This product is Food Grade.
      • This product is Food Safe.
      • This product is Durable.
      • This product is Rust Free.
      • This product is Dishwasher Friendly.

      CAUTION: This product is not microwave friendly. 

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