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Personal Protection Kit (PPE Kit for COVID-19 Safety)

Kit Includes Hood cover Impermeable Surgical Gown / overall Gloves Googles 3 ply Face mask Shoe cover Material Non-Woven /56 / 70 /95 GSM (3 options) Colour Medical Blue / White Disposable Yes Size Free Size Application Healthcare in General Hospitals Surgeons Doctors
Infection prevention and control measures include, among other measures: hand hygiene, personal protective equipment and waste management materials.
The Protective equipment consists of garments placed to protect the health care workers or any other persons to get infected.
These usually consist of standard precautions: gloves, mask, gown. If it is blood or airborne high infections, will include: Face protection, goggles and mask or faceshield, gloves, gown or coverall, head cover, rubber boots.