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Disposable-Recyclable Corrugated Bed

Size:- 6’x3’x2’(height) 
Folded size- 43”x 10”x 28” 

This is a single bed made from corrugated boxes for COVID 19 Isolated patients. It is the best solution right now for the current pandemic situation. It can also be used to fulfill shortages of beds in hospitals and many other places. Now in order to create a cost effective solution, Shri & Sam brings to you this setup.
To deal with the hospital bed shortage, We have developed an Eco-friendly, Recyclable, light weight, Cost effective Bed from heavy duty Corrugated Fibre Board. It is a perfect solution and is light weighed. Also, this can withstand a weight of 300 kgs. It can be easily cleaned and sanitised. Also, it can take everyday cleaning without it being damaged. 

Moreover it’s easy to assemble (about 2 min) and disassemble.
-It’s flat pack.