24 PCS Cutlery Set- Groom Dotted

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Item Content - 6 PCS Snack Spoon, 6 PCS Dinner Spoon, 6 PCS Dinner Fork, 6 PCS Soup Spoon

Item Content

 6 PCS Snack Spoon, 6 PCS Dinner Spoon, 6 PCS   Dinner Fork, 6 PCS Soup Spoon


 Stainless Steel


 Stainless Steel / Silver


 15 cm, 18.5 cm, 18.5 cm & 17.5 cm respectively


 23.5 grams, 38 grams, 29.5 grams & 45.5 grams respectively


 Made In India

You can dress your table in a classic style with this plush looking Shri and Sam Groom Dotted Cutlery Set, that has 24 pieces of cutlery in it. Made from 430 stainless steel, this is lustrous in design and absolute for impressing guests at dinner parties. Whatever that might be required for a sauve dinner for the whole family. The set includes 6 pcs of each; Tea Spoon, Dessert Spoon, Dessert Fork, Soup Spoon. This cutlery is simple enough to match and mix with your individual tastes and needs. This cutlery set is silver in color and has a sand blasting coating that makes it an exclusively durable product.

• This product is Food Grade.
• This product is Food Safe.
• This product is Durable.
• This product is Rust Free.
• This product is Dishwasher Friendly.

CAUTION: This product is not microwave friendly.

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