7 PCS Knife Block Set - Green

Rs. 999.00

Item Content - Chef Knife : 31 cm, Bread Knife : 33 cm, Boning Knife : 23 cm, Paring Knife : 21 cm, Utility Knife : 33 cm and Scissors : 22 cm

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 Size Sets

 5 PCS Knives , 1 PC Scissors , 1 PC Stand 


  Green / Grey


 Stainless Steel / Polypropylene


 Chef Knife : 31 cm, Bread Knife : 33   cm, Boning Knife : 23 cm, Paring   Knife : 21 cm, Utility Knife : 33 cm   and Scissors : 22 cm


 650 Grams

These are uniquely designed knife set by Shri and Sam, this has a cylindrical body to store or park the knives properly. The knife sizes and the scissor size is perfect for any kind of kitchen or kitchen countertop, this can be kept anywhere in the kitchen and does not take much space, moreover, this is a perfect setup to have all your knives at one place. This knife set has a unique V slot design to easily take out the knives and keep them in. The knife handles and the stand is in green color and has a matt finish to it. The blades of all knives and scissors are build from stainless steel while the handles and the stand is built from Polypropylene. This is easy to clean and maintain too as you just need to keep it under running water and it will drain the water from the pours on the downside. This will make sure that the knives remain bacteria free. The coating on the handles is a soft one, not does it only look good but is an awesome product in hand.

100% protection. To know more - 8199898909

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