Tips to save cooking gas at home

Cooking gas is the basic need of every household; gas is getting more expensive as time is heading, we need to prevent it from wastage. The majority of people use microwave and induction stoves for reducing the extra consumption of gas. It is the primary source of cooking food and need of everyone. We can preserve the gas by using simple tips as discussed below.

Always cook on medium flame:

It will take more time than high flame, but it is beneficial for you. How? Your food vitamins and minerals will not burn since you need to consume them. Other than that, you will save your gas, which is beneficial for you and your kitchen. 

Dine Together

It is also the way of saving gas, dine together, and you don’t need to reheat the meals for someone else. It will help save time as well. 

Get big and small burners

Your gas must have both big and small burners. The type and size of the burner can be used per your requirement and what you wish to prepare. Clean the burners

If the flame coming out and your burners look orange, yellow and not so uniform, it means that there is a carbon deposition in your burners. Please clean it up, and it will help save more fuel.

Get all the ingredients ready before cooking

Most people switch on the gas and then take ingredients or even choose to pick up ingredients in the middle of the session, and it causes wastage of time and gas. It is best to gather all the ingredients and then switch on the gas to cook.

Measure what you want to cook

Some people don’t know about the recipe or cooking; they will add too much water or ingredients because they don’t know how to cook, don’t be one of them. Firstly read the recipe thoroughly, set all the ingredients on a side and then start cooking.

Use a covering pan

If you cover your pan with a lid, your dish will cook faster, and the glass will save too. Covering with a lid is also helpful for your food, and the steam will cook more efficiently.

Don’t overcook

Overcooking is one of the most significant reasons for the wastage of gas. Make sure that all ingredients place aside and cook them on a low flame. Using this tip will prepare the best recipe, save your time, and have as well.

Always remember the cooking time

Most people are not aware of the requirement of time and use various dishes. It is also the way of wastage of gas. Every word and they require different timing. If you don’t know about the time necessary, then don’t cook. First, remember the points; many people don’t know about the timing of the recipe. It leads to overlooking the recipe, and the same will lead to wastage of your gas. It is prepared before cooking. Understand if it is necessary to cook at home or it will be better, you can get pre-cooked from the market. Note this is for the recipe that requires much gas and time. 

Cooks the vegetables once a day

As vegetables take a lot of time for cooking so don’t cook multiple vegetables. Just boil 1 or 2 types of vegetables and use them in your meal.

Use wide cooking pots

The majority of people use narrow pots for cooking. Again it is the way of wastage of gas. Gas will come out from the sides in a thin vessel, and these sides waste much gas. Always use a broad container. 

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