What are the types of plates used in fine dining?

Choosing the proper plates plays an essential role in the fine dining industry as they represent the quality and finesse of the dishes put forth on those plates. These plates should be the perfect blend of elegance and practicality without compromising their strength and durability. Enhancing the presentation of food can draw much attention to dishes and add a new dimension to your dining experience. Catering plates for fine dining are available in various styles to accent various dishes. The variety embodies both classical and contemporary designs. Here is a list of the seven most prevalent kinds of pates that are employed in a fine dining restaurant to provide a canvas for the signature dishes of the restaurant:- 

A Dinner Plate 

With a diameter of about 11 to 12 inches, the dinner plate is probably the most used plate during the whole meal. In the case of formal dining, it is used to serve the main course and is brought to the table right after the salad bowl or plate is served. 

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Dessert Plate 

This seven to nine-inch wide plate is suitable for both desserts and appetizers. It is used for formal dining occasions where different plates serve different functions, but as the name implies, the most prevalent use of a dessert plate is to serve desserts. 

Bread and Butter Plate 

A bread and butter plate, also referred to as a BnB plate, usually has a diameter of about 15 cm and is small in size. Because it is placed next to the fork at the dinner table, it is also referred to as the side plate or a quarter plate due to its size. 

Soup Plate 

A soup plate has a different shape than any other plate, and what makes it unique is the arch at the top of the plate that is shaped like a bowl. As the name suggests, this distinction in shape is why soup plates were designed to accommodate wet foods like soup. However, the soup plates provided for a formal dinner are significantly shorter in height when compared to the soup plates that are provided for an informal dinner.

Salad Plate 

Available in two different sizes, the first one of about 22 cm in diameter and the other of 20 cm in diameter, salad plates have a round shape. As signified by the name of this plate, it plays a crucial role in serving salads. In a formal meal, the salad plate serves portions after the main course is cleared, whereas, in informal meals, the salad is served before the main course is served. 

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Appetizer Plate 

An appetizer plate is similar to a bread and butter plate, except slightly more prominent. It is a plate that can serve appetizers such as cheese or fruits. Usually, these plates are designed with a slightly curved tip without an indentation and are sometimes referred to as side, fruit, or berry bowls. An appetizer plate is available in a variety of sizes. 

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Charger Plate 

A charger plate measures between 13 and 14 inches in diameter and is studded with decorative edges. These are for decoration as they hold bowls and plates for each arrangement, be it soup bowls or even a full course meal. Apart from adding aesthetic decor to the fine dining table, a charger plate also helps keep the heat in the dinnerware and prevents the tablecloth from getting dirty from any accidental spills while dining.

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