Types of Spoon

Types of  Spoon

Spoons have been used by humans from a very ancient time. Our ancestors used shells, pieces of wood and husks as spoons. There are several other ancient texts and scripts that states the use of spoon from Egypt to India to China. Other eastern cultures made spoons porcelain. Spoons were made from other materials as well like ivory, gold and silver. With the coming of industrial revolution, spoons started to be made by stainless steel and this was initiated only after 1970.

There are several type of spoons, each one is designed for a different type of food:-

Table Spoon

This is the most important part of our cutlery we use everyday. It can be used for a lot of purposes like to have soups, rice, curries etc. These type of products are designed to pick up the correct amount of food. Shri and Sam offers several type of table spoons that suits different tastes for different people.

Serving Spoon

The serving spoon generally goes hand in hand with the serving fork. The serving spoon is larger in size in compared to the table spoon and is especially designed to serve food form serving utensils to eating plates. The bigger cup allows it to hold large quantity of food. Shriandsam.com is one of the known names for several years in making brilliant serving spoons.

Fruit Spoon

Fruit Spoons are smaller in size compared to the table spoons. As the name suggests these fruits like grapes, oranges, melons etc. These spoons have pointed tip and they also have elongated bowl that helps it cut the fruits easily.

Tea Spoon or Coffee Spoon

these spoons are smallest sized spoons that can be used to stir tea, coffee and other drinks served in coffee cups.

Dessert Spoon

The dessert spoon has a wide and bowl like shape that helps it carve through sweets like halwa, pudding, pastries etc.

Long Drink Spoons

These drink spoons as the name suggests have a very long handle. These spoons are designed to stir hot and cold drinks from long glasses or big mugs.

Salad Spoon

Salad spoons are generally used with salad fork, when used together they help mixing the vegetables or salad, that further makes it easier to serve. Check out some exclusive range of Shriandsam.com

Baby spoon

As the name suggests these are smaller in size and are used by babies to eat food.

Cocktail Spoon

Generally a bar spoon is a long handled spoon that is used to stir drinks and mix them in long drink glasses or beer glasses.

Taste Spoon

Rest spoons are very essential while having food, since we do not like to hold our spoons while we are chewing, so instead of keeping it on the plate, we should keep it on the rest spoon

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