Types Of Forks


One of the essentials in a cutlery set, Forks while setting up a dinning table are always set on the left side of the dinner plate. Even the most simplest of dinning table may have forks with two, three or four tines. Generally in India, people do not use the ones with two tines.

Table Fork

One of the important part of any dinner table is the table fork also known as the dinner fork. These forks are used to eat every day main dishes. These forks can be used to serve several dishes.

Fruit Fork

Fruit forks are smaller than the size of table forks. These forks are designed in the right way so that we can eat fruits with ease. Fruit forks are also used to have other appetizers.


Serving Fork

Serving forks are smaller than the table forks as well as the fruit fork. Dessert forks are designed in a way that they can slide through the dessert easily. These are very handy in eating cakes and pastries.


Salad Fork

Salad forks are generally used with salad spoons. These together help mix the vegetables to serve or help in making any kind of salad. Salad forks have wider tines on the outside which makes it a perfect candidate to eat any kind of salad.


Baby Forks

as the name suggests these are used by babies to have food. The tines on these forks are almost blunt which makes it safe for babies to have food.

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