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Article: Types Of Dinner Sets

Types Of Dinner Sets
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Types Of Dinner Sets

It is really important in what we eat our food, or in what way is it presented to us. A very important part of that is the utensils that the food is served in!

Dinner sets in every home is a very basic thing, so whenever you think of buying a dinner set, it really important that you choose according to the need and whenever you do so, there will be a large variety of materials that dinner sets are made in. Few such materials are Porcelain, Stoneware, Bone China, Stainless Steel, Melamine etc. Every type of material has its advantages and disadvantages. So, the definition of best material for dinner sets really depend on the type of use that you have. So, having more than one dinner set, for different purposes is the best way to go about it. It is really important to learn about all the types of material, so that when you buy one, you make a wise decision.


One of the most durable, strong and elegant dinner sets are built with Bone china. These type of dinner sets have a slim and fragile structure, which makes them a very durable one. These type of dinner sets are generally built with animal bones ash that are mixed together with porcelain clay and  then they are heated at low temperatures.These dinner sets are also made translucent, which gives them a brilliant look and can settle in any type of dining room, even beautify it. Moreover, these dinner sets are also very light weighted, which is another plus point. These dinner sets can also be used in microwave and can also be used in dishwasher, though it is preferred to wash them with hands. The origin of this type of dinner set happened in the United Kingdom in the later part of 20th century. English Porcelain is also a term used for these type of dinner sets in UK and around the world.


Stainless Steel dinner sets are really very common in Indian households, these type of dinner sets are really durable and long lasting and they also require very minimal care. These dinner sets according to their lives are really very affordable. These dinner sets may come in different variations, there are different types of raw material in which these dinner sets are created and the better raw material will of course give you a better product. Stainless steel dinner sets are corrosion free and they do not chip easily, hence, these dinner sets can last generations. Moreover, a lot of stainless steel dinner sets are nowadays, made Food safe. This is basically the ideal type of dinner sets, that we should use, as they are cost effective, durable and healthy. These dinner sets are not microwave safe though. Stainless steel dinner sets are conventional and generates an elegant look on the serving table. These dinner sets can be great gifts as they have impressive looks but are economical to the pocket, they could be a great house warming gift or a wedding gift. 

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These type of dinner sets are more affordable than bone china dinner sets and are a little heavier than them as well. Generally porcelain dinner sets have plates that are translucent. This has an ultra white combination in most of its dinner sets. These types of dinner sets can be great for formal use or when guests come, they are great to drop an impre
ssion on them. These dinner sets can be easily washed in a dishwasher and are also safe to use in microwaves. These types of dinner sets are generally made under high temperature fires, making them long lasting. There are several porcelain dinner sets that have a metallic accents or designs on it, so those are a no-go in the microwaves.



These dinner sets can also be used for daily use and generally, they have a high polish finish on them or we can say they have a smooth appearance on the top. These dinner sets can be more durable than earthenware, but they have to be rightly taken care of, as these can break at high temperatures or very low temperatures. They can also be used in dish washers, but are preferred to be washed by hands. Otherwise, if they have a had made design on them then definitely they should be hand washed. So, they are good for formal dinners but require some extent of caring to maintain the dinner sets.



These are one of the types of ceramic dinner sets or you can say one of the most affordable types of ceramic dinner sets. These types of dinner sets while making needs a waterproof glaze to strengthen the product. These type of dinner sets are not the sturdy and can break or chip easily. Moreover, they are also not recommended in dishwasher safe, as it can be chipped during the process. These types of plates or bowls can be used in microwave, but should be avoided under direct flame. These type of dinner sets ultimately, are short time dinner sets or casual dinner sets, as they have low costs and require high care.


Melamine dinner sets can be called the modern day dinnerware as they are very well built and are easy to clean and maintain too. These type of dinner sets basically copies or mimics the same looks as of ceramic dinnerware. Melamine dinnerware is very resistant to chipping or breaking, so it is considered a very versatile dinnerware that can be used on any type of occasion. These type of dinnerware sets are available in several type of colors and a huge variety. Due to its imperious looks and wide design range, this can also fir any type of people with their type of choices.

Few of the best brands from which you can buy these types of Dinner Sets are: -

  1. Corelle
  2. LaOpala
  3. Borosil
  4. Shri & Sam
  5. Signoraware
  6. Pigeon
  7. Indian Art Villa
  8. Amazon Basics

Care For Your dinner set

Almost every dinnerware item is microwave friendly and also dishwasher safe, until and unless they are decorated with gold or silver or any other metallics. It is generally recommended to wash large pieces, hand painted, gold or platinum decoration with hands. Apart from that dinner sets that are made of stainless steel or any other metallic will not be microwave friendly. It is also recommended to clean the pieces with a sponge instead of any hard metallic scrubber.

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