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Article: Navratri special: 15 mouth-watering recipes for you

Navratri special: 15 mouth-watering recipes for you
Festival Special

Navratri special: 15 mouth-watering recipes for you

Food fasting is one of those beautiful rituals of Indian festivals that fill in your mind, body and soul with positive vibes and lets you enjoy some of the delicious meals served in India. Hindus observe a nine-day fast in celebration of Navratri, and they make the fast more happening by adding delicious savoury recipes to their fasting meals. If you are looking forward to fasting this Navratri, we have compiled a list of Navratri Fasting Recipes to make your Navaratri even more delicious.

Sabudana Khichdi 

Sabudana is high in starch and carbohydrates, which provides you with the energy boost you need while fasting. The khichdi is made with sabudana and mild spices and is very light to eat. 

Singhare Ka Samosa

Make your favorite teatime snack with fasting ingredients such as water chestnut flour, sendha Naamak, and a filling of spiced Chironji. Samosas can be served with coriander chutney.

Aloo ki Kadhi

Enjoy the delicious flavors of this lovely, light curry made with versatile potatoes. You don't have to settle for boring aloo falahar. Instead, enjoy healthy alookadhi to make your Navratri extra special.

Kuttu Ka Dosa

Dosa lovers will love this Navratri. Forget the kuttupuris and create a crisp dosa recipe using Kutu ka atta (buckwheat flour) and a potato filling. You can have this dosa with either mint or coconut chutney. 

Sabudana Idli

Sabudana idli can be a healthy breakfast that is quick and easy to prepare. It is one of the most popular South Indian breakfast recipes and the most popular Navratri recipes. Serve it with chutney for a filling, satisfying breakfast.

Low Fat Makhana Kheer

A dessert can make you smile. Here's a low-fat kheer recipe using makhana, nuts, and other ingredients. Enjoy the indulgence without worrying about the scale. This delicious kheer recipe will make fasting even more enjoyable!

Arbi Kofta with Mint Yoghurt Dip 

Are you tired of eating potatoes for dinner, breakfast, and lunch when you are fasting? Arbi Kofta with Mint Yoghurt Dip recipe is the perfect teatime snack.

Banana Walnut Lassi

The nourishing beverage will help get your energy up. It is made up of yoghurt, honey, bananas, and walnuts. 

Vrat Wala Chawal ka Dhokla 

It is a new recipe that offers a break from the traditional fried or puris. This dhokla recipe is a healthy way to fast, and it's seasoned with whole red chillies, cumin, curry leaves, and ghee. This Navratri fasting special recipe is easy to make at home.

Kashmiri Mirch Aloo

When making Navratri Fasting Recipes, potatoes are an essential ingredient. This mouth-watering recipe will satisfy your taste buds and keep you full for long hours. 

Samak Tikki

This Tikki is a Navratri Vrat Recipe that is highly savoured in Northern India during the Navratri festival. It is prepared for you to eat food made from satvik ingredients and without grains or pulses. This Samak Tikki is a staple for fasting people, and this delicious and crispy Sawa Ke Chawal ki Tikki will make your Navaratri unforgettable.

Singhare ka Halwa

Singhara flour is a crucial ingredient in Indian festivals, particularly if you're looking for Navratri Vrat recipe ideas. We are quickly making Singhare Ka Halwa today! You will only need five ingredients to make this halwa, and you are now ready to make halwa in a flash!

Vrat Wale Paneer Rolls

This delightful paneer recipe is easy to prepare and can be enjoyed even during Navratri fasting. This mid-day snack is made with grated paneer and potatoes and serves as snacks with mint or coriander sauce to your guests at festivals. 

Kela and Paneer balls

This Navratri Vrat special recipe for Kela and paneer balls is made with cottage cheese and unripened bananas. This Navratri recipe is tender from the inside and crisp from the outside, and it will fill your festival full of delicious flavors.

South Ki Chutney 

It's a great accompaniment to regular and pakodas or even your vet-friendly snacks. It could also be served with Dahi-Bhalla, and this Navratri vrat recipe will make you fall in love.

Final words

We hope the delicacies above shall help you have a good time during Navratri and enjoy fasting food like never before.

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