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Article: Make your life easier and less stressful by organizing your kitchen

Make your life easier and less stressful by organizing your kitchen
Kitchen Hacks

Make your life easier and less stressful by organizing your kitchen

Do you spend most of your time preparing some delicious food for your loved ones? Do you spend most of your time looking for utensils or appliances in the kitchen? Here are some quick and easy ways to get your kitchen under control

Get rid of the clutter!

Donate, toss or recycle extra pots and pans, dishes, glasses and utensils that you don't use regularly. If you haven't used an item in over a year, it means it doesn't bring value to your life and should go. Go through old spices as well; if they've been around longer than 1-2 years, it's time to buy new ones because spices lose flavour quickly after being opened.

Organize the containers

Organize containers for storing dry goods such as pasta, noodles, cereal and rice. It will be easier to find when you're looking for something to eat. Try using gallon-sized glass jars that can be stacked easily into the cupboards.

Organize cabinets

Consider organization systems attached to the inside of your cabinets, so you'll always know where every pot, pan and lid is located. Try slotted racks made especially for kitchen cabinets.

Spice organizers

Add spice organizers near your cooktop, which will keep spices within easy reach and give your kitchen a stylish look at the same time! Wall-mounted racks are another excellent choice because they take up less counter space. Keep frequently used utensils visible by mounting magnetic knife strips on the backsplash behind your stove instead of keeping them tucked away in a drawer where you have to take the time to open and search through it every time you need them. Somehow they always end up at the very back of drawers, not where the handles are facing outwards so you can grab them quickly when you're preparing a meal.

Get creative with your storage solutions!

You can use a pegboard or slat wall for hanging pots and pans, and they won't take up any space inside cupboards as well as they will be visible at all times. Therefore, there will be no excuses for not being able to find what you need right away. To save even more cupboard space, attach ironing boards (the kind that folds flat against the wall) onto the backsplash inside your cabinets and use them as flat pot and pan storage. 

Make sufficient storage space

Store baking sheets, cutting boards and mixing bowls inside your cupboard or pantry instead of leaving them out for everyone to see because they take up a lot of space. Hanging baskets are great for storing dish towels - roll them into tight bundles and place one on each corner of the basket for an instant storage solution that will keep everything off the floor and take up very little room in the process.

Check out Different Storage Sets

Organize kitchen gadgets

Organize your kitchen gadgets by storing them in single-tiered metal racks or large canisters on open shelves. They will be easy to see and access when you need them - this is especially important if you have small children who might not be able to reach high spaces easily on their own. If your appliances are mostly hidden, keep a few of the most frequently used ones on your countertops where they're visible at all times because it will save you time when preparing meals.


Are you tired of rifling through drawers full of junk? Divide similar items into separate piles so there's always a prominent place for each thing which will keep everything organized and easy to access and control your kitchen neat. 

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