How Can The Right Bar Tools Help You Run A Successful Bar?

You need the proper equipment to be good at anything, and bartending is no exception.

With the proper bar equipment, your cocktails will taste better, you'll have to spend more time serving customers, and your tips and sales will improve as a result.

When you first enter the industry, choosing the appropriate bartending supplies might be challenging. Sometimes it isn't easy to distinguish between what's necessary and just for show. However, if you plan to work as a bartender in an established bar, pub, or club, you'll need professional bar tools that can withstand the stress bartending equipment endure on the job.

We've prepared a list of essential bar tools and their significance listed below for whether you're just getting started in bartending, have recently purchased a new bar, need to replace outdated bar gear, or want to completely stock that bar you have (or like to create) at your place.

Bar Spoons

One method of preparing a cocktail, such as a gin or a whiskey concoction, is to stir the distilled liquor to retain flavor harmony gently. Spoons are necessary for any bar because of their long, twisted handles, which make it simple to go in a smooth, circular motion. A perfect dilution of the components can be achieved using bar spoons without melting the ice. To craft stunning layered cocktails, bartenders might use them to pour a second liquor or mix down using the stem of the bar spoon.

Bottle Opener 

A bottle opener is a necessary equipment for every bar. You won't need a bottle opener for beer that is served on tap, but you will need one for any beer that is sold in bottles or other beverages that come capped. Consider utilizing wall-mounted openers; they are quick to use and won't get lost behind the bar.

Cocktail Shaker 

A well-stocked bar features one or more cocktail shakers to provide customers with the perfect shaken drink. The sealed stainless steel shaker is poured with common ingredients: ice, syrups, liquor, and fruit juices. Shakers make it simple to pour the drink into the customer's glass once it has been briskly shaken and mixed. A built-in strainer is a common feature in shakers to help separate ice or other contents you do not want in the drink.

Chopping Boards 

Your bar needs at least one cutting board to prepare cocktail garnishes. Cutting boards not only offer a clean and secure surface for cutting, but they also assist in safeguarding the bar top and maintaining the edge of knives. Pick one that is secure, long-lasting, and slip-resistant.


A sharp and reliable peeler is required for drinks that have a peel garnish. Choose one with an extra broad carbon steel blade and a comfortable grip and slip-free. Peeling any citrus fruit will become simple and much safer; Shri and Sam is a brand that has been delivering quality products for decades now.

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