Five Classic Tableware That Every Restaurant Should Have!

Do you want to know about the top 5 classic tableware used in restaurants? There are many types of cutlery and tableware items when coming to the event or eating out at the restaurants. You must have information on the different kinds of classic tableware and their functions. It is essential to prevent special events or special parties from embarrassment. Tableware is the best solution to control your memorable events from getting embarrassing. 

Some types of cutlery sets and dishes are used to serve the food in front of family and relatives. In this article, you will learn about the five classic tableware required in the restaurant.

1. Dinner Plates

Dinner plates are the kind of plates that are used for the main courses. The standard-size dinner plate measures around 11 to 12 inches. It is the most used dinner plate during the entire meal. This plate is usually used to serve the salads. Some of the people also used these dinner plates for lunch as well as dinner.

2. Dessert Bowl/Plate

This type of tableware is used at informal and formal banquets. Dessert plates are usually known as the luncheon plate by the craftsman. The function of this dessert plate is quite diverse. You can use the dessert plates for appetizers, desserts, and snacks. The diameter of this plate is around 18 cm. it is usually used at weddings, parties, and other events.

3. Bread and Butter Plate

Bread and butter plates are used to put the butter and bread and serve to your guests. This type of plate is also known as the side plate or the quarter plate because it is used next to the fork. It is a round shape plate, and the difference between this plate among others is that it is available in a small size of around 15cm in diameter.

4. Soup Plate/Bowl

Soup plates and bowls come in different shapes. Due to the plate type, it is used to contain liquid food such as soup. The form of this plate follows the primary function of the shop container. The top of the soup plate has an arch like the bowl. Soup plates are used shorter in height the formal dinners.

5. Salad Bowl

This salad bowl is used to serve salads in restaurants. Salad plates have come in round shapes with different sizes the different variations. It is the first plate type available in a considerable measure of around 22cm. And the second type of salad bowl comes in 20 cm. When faced with this kind of plate, you do not have to worry about being confused while choosing from the first or second type of plate. You can easily select the sort of salad plates according to the size that you are required. 


This article provides information on the five classic tableware that every restaurant must use. This article consists of the five types of functions of plates that you must know. Shri and Sam is the right choice for you if you are looking for high-quality steel products. They not only give you the proper visual aesthetics but also provides you with safety, durability, and the quality of the tableware
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