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Article: Cutlery Sets To Give Your Dining Table A New Lease Of Life

Cutlery Sets To Give Your Dining Table A New Lease Of Life

Cutlery Sets To Give Your Dining Table A New Lease Of Life

Cutlery is one of the essentials that can enhance your table's overall look and gives eating convenience to the person having food. There are different kinds of modern cutlery to provide a new life to your dining table, including :

  • Knives are suitable for cutting vegetables and fruit.
  • Knives and forks are designed especially for fish dishes.
  • Utensils with sharp edges are used for carving meat.
  • Utensils with long handles known as serving spoons or spatulas can remove fried food such as hamburgers from a pan.
  • Utensils resemble small spades and are used for piercing meat to test if it is cooked.
  • Knives, forks and spoons you can use during outdoor barbecues or picnics.
  • A sharp knife and fork, a large spoon and a spatula for serving pasta dishes
  • A set of knives with rounded ends: one for carving meat; another larger version made especially for cutting vegetables and fruit; while the third is suitable for fish dishes.

Types of knives

Knives usually come in sets of six, eight or ten and may include:

  • A knife for cutting vegetables and fruit; another called a 'bread knife' with serrated edges for slicing soft bread without squashing it; while the third is designed especially for raw meat.
  • A knife with a broad blade known as a 'cooking knife' can be used by professional chefs and ordinary people for most types of food preparation.
  • A sizeable sharp knife called a 'carving knife' is used during festive meals when you want to slice roast meat into thin slices at the dining table.
  • A knife with a rounded end is used to pierce meat to find out if it is cooked; or when you need to apply pressure while cutting bread without squashing the loaf.
  • You will need at least six knives but can easily buy more as necessity dictates.

Knives should be made of stainless steel, sharpened on one side only and must taper smoothly to a very sharp point; otherwise, they are likely to slip during use resulting in accidents.

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Types of Forks

Forks come in all sizes, sometimes with four prongs and two curved tines that allow you to hold meat steady while cutting it. You may not need many forks if you're only cooking for yourself.

  • You need to get at least six forks but can quickly get more as necessity dictates. Types of Spoons
  • Spoons and spatulas are designed especially for certain dishes such as fried food or pasta.
  • Spoons come in different shapes and sizes, including:
  • A small spoon with a round bowl, used when serving vegetables and fruit salads.
  • A deep spoon with a long handle, also known as a serving spoon, is used in large quantities when frying food in a pan or removing it from the pan into a serving dish.
  • -A slotted spoon is usually flat on one side with holes through which liquid runs off while the other side is shallow and round. This spoon is generally made from a single piece of metal that prevents food from splitting when stirring or tossing it in a pan.
  • A serving spoon with a long handle is used for removing fried food from oil, such as French fries or croquettes, so they will be crisp on the outside and soft inside.

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Spatulas are also available in different shapes and sizes:

  • A small flat one with a rounded edge designed to slip easily under foods you're frying, turning them over without tearing them apart.
  • A large flat one allows you to use less oil while cooking. 


It's best to buy each type in different sizes to be more efficient to work with when preparing different foods. You may also want to purchase other utensils more adapted to your own needs.

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